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As a Caritas Smile build volunteer, you will help to rebuild a home for family and engage with communities in local villages, learn the culture and travel

Project Details

Offers volunteers an opportunity to travel to Latin America to lend a helping hand to women and children in need by rebuilding a home

Caritas Smile, Take A Trip Change A Life, Volunteer Program is a soulful, purpose-driven, social enterprise dedicated to positively transforming lives and engaging with humanity through transformative volunteer travel experiences and service. Our mission is to empower both travelers and the communities that we visit to create a deeper understanding of nature, the spiritual-self,  mindfulness, human connectivity while performing random acts of kindness, building homes for women, offering art programs to kids, empower communities through positive interactions and community engagement.  We invite you to take a trip and change a stranger's life. The life you may change will be your own. Join our tribe of courageous pioneers and begin to transform your life while changing the lives of others with Caritas Smile.  
The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Sixcia Devine
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Social Impact

The idea of social impact is a little vague when it comes to advocating for international communities. Being unable to see such communities and their needs, they have to rely on second-hand sources. But part of the volunteer program and service-learning involves integrating with a community and seeing what problems they may have. This is a much more tangible thing than simply reading about issues on social media. Because it's more tangible, it can have a larger impact and inspire volunteers to advocate for social justice in ways they couldn't have before. Since 2010 we have touched the lives of thousands of children and women living in poverty by:

  • offering communities in need with school supplies, holiday gifts, rebuilding homes and schools, offering art lessons, dance lessons, health, and English. 

  • created a university volunteer chapter to engage in service-learning programs with students and educators. 

  • donated funds to Women entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic battling cancer. 

  • created grassroots partnerships within villages in developing countries.

Target demographics: women, children, economic growth

Direct beneficiaries per year: over 1000 kids in the Dominican with art, dance, re-building homes with community members,

Geographic areas served: Service learning programs, volunteer, teach, community engagement,

Programs: art programs, English language, home improvement, health education, technology, and technical assistance

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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