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An international children's charity working with disadvantaged young people, communities, youth groups and volunteers in Russia, Kenya and Uganda.

For 20 years we’ve been working to enable disadvantaged young people to realise their potential and support sustainability in their communities by improving their health, welfare and education, by strengthening their communities and helping them to protect their environment and manage their resources sustainably. We support young people to learn from and respect each others cultures and apply this learning to their own lives.

Ecologia Youth Trust is part of the Findhorn Community, an international holistic education centre and United Nations (UN) recognised eco-village, established 50 years ago in Scotland. The Findhorn Eco-village Community is known internationally for its innovative new models for sustainable living, not only in environmental terms, but also in social, economic and spiritual terms.

We also work in partnership with The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), a growing network of communities and ecological initiatives around the world, which share ideas, technologies and information about how to live more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable lives. GEN works in cooperation with a range of international organisations, including the UN and the EU.

As part of the Findhorn Community and through our partnership with GEN, Ecologia Youth Trust has a wealth of experience in community based approaches to sustainable living, whilst our extensive experience of working with disadvantaged children and young people means we are uniquely placed to support them to find long-term solutions to their problems and those of their communities.

We at Ecologia Youth Trust believe in genuine sustainable development, which values the attainment of economic, environmental, social and cultural objectives equally. Our approach places a respect for the difference and diversity of individuals, communities, cultures and societies at the heart or our work, while focussing on one common goal – to truly meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Ali Mudford
Ali Mudford
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Our programs in Russia, Kenya and Uganda are committed to giving orphaned children the support they need to become happy, productive, and self sufficient adults able to make a positive contribution to their societies. They provide education for life, developing skills that give the children the self confidence to achieve their potential and express their talents.

Ecologia Youth Trust supports Kitezh Children's Community in Kaluga region, Russia, a community of foster families who adopt orphaned children into their families, raise them together in the community and educate them at the Kitezh school.

In Kenya we support International Peace Initiatives (IPI) who care for HIV/AIDS orphans and run women's empowerment programs and organic farming for self sufficiency.

In Uganda we support Sky Is The Limit, a home for 30 HIV/AIDS orphans and a school for poor children whose parents cannot afford to pay for them to go to school.

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