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Working towards the alleviation of poverty around the world through education, environmental stewardship and enterprise creation locally and globally.

Our mission is to work towards the alleviation of poverty around the world through helping people to stand on their own two feet and thus empowering them to attend to their own needs, be they educational, environmental or enterprise creation.

We highlight global and local issues, work with communities to help them make the changes they need to thrive, provide educational support and training in language, environmental issues, and enterprise development as well as logistical support including micro-financing and volunteer input.

Above all, the Fair Earth Foundation is about facilitating individuals in contributing to making the world a better, fairer place, full of Global Citizens, the world we all want to see.

We have a global remit. At the heart of how we work are the following:

  • That people are best served by being supported to stand on their own feet and to attend to their own needs be they at an individual, community or environmental level.
  • That the responsibility to offer this support is in each of us, as individuals. Opportunity should be given to individuals and communities to provide support at a grassroots level - horizontally - direct to those in need.
Our methodology is split into 4 key areas, our Core Methods:

  • Telling
  • Achieving
  • Educating
  • Doing
Through a combination of these four key areas we are able to achieve our goals.

The main focus of the project is on
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Social Impact

The Fair Earth Foundation addresses issues related to the cycle of poverty locally and globally, as well as their links to the environment. 

The Foundation has a number of income drivers for the communities we work with, these include but are not limited to: 

True Fair Trading CIC, a UK Not for Profit that facilitates production of artisan products to create wealth in disadvantaged communities and sells them in the UK and elsewhere principally online and through garden shows such as Chelsea Flower Show. It developed a ‘Fair Trade’ garden at Hampton Court Flower Show in 2015. Surpluses created are reinvested by and through the communities from which the products originated, usually into education initiatives but also into other social and environmental initiatives. 

True Fair Eco Tourism CIC, another UK Not for Profit. True Fair Eco Tourism facilitates the development of ecotourism initiatives designed to create wealth in disadvantaged communities possessing great natural and cultural assets but with no means of exploiting them. The company markets the tourism opportunities developed through its website and, again, surpluses are invested by and through the communities involved with the help and support of the Foundation. 


Volunteer and community led fundraising, with input into how funds are then allocated across our Global Citizenship schemes: Tree planting, Plastic neutrality and Community Action. We offer total transparency as to where funds and donations are directed.

We believe in collaborations rather than "charity" with mutual benefits to all involved.

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