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Grow Ghana seeks to empower and orient students with digital & soft skills that really matter for their future with the help of our local team and volunteers from abroad.

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Talents need structure, mentorship and jobs to grow. We work hand in hand with local schools, universities and companies to develop talents and bring them in jobs.

Our story started 5 years ago – we went for a consulting project in Ghana and immediately fell in love with the country. We decided to leave our jobs to build a German-Ghanaian ecosystem, based on the principle of social entrepreneurship. We founded local start-ups in tech and graphic design to serve German clients with a delivery team from Ghana.

As the companies grew, we realized that training on the job is just a start, but it needs more for a real change. Consequently, the Grow Ghana initiative is targeting young talents at universities and local schools. The program is supported by our start-ups and the next step in our mission to develop talents in Africa.

Our vision is to enable meaningful and sustainable job creation in Africa. And to empower people who are often overlooked: the hidden talents of Africa – e.g. young women in small villages with no access to higher education.

In theory, there are a lot of job opportunities that could be created: International corporates are highly interested to outsource value creation to Africa. And promising local start-ups are rising and strive to create impact.

In practice, they all need a pre-qualified workforce with the right mindset to realize those job potentials sustainably.

Out of our experience as entrepreneurs in Africa, we derived a curriculum based on 5 key skill areas which we found critical for future employees to create value and impact. We target young students in schools who are eager to learn and searching for additional educational input to make a difference. We focus on a playful, gamefication-like approach to make the workshops with the student clearly different from the regular school setup.

We act according to our 6 values:

  1. Grow Ghana is a non-profit initiative and strives to create tangible impact for the society
  2. The initiative aims to impact 2 sides equally:
    1. The pupils and students in the schools
      (job-relevant skills, access to job-market )
    2. Our team incl. our global volunteers
      (personal growth by intercultural exchange & coaching)
  3. We never replace local teachers – our program is an addition to the governmental curriculum
  4. We are not competing with other NGOs or programs, but strive for cooperation & synergies
  5. We are self-critical and want to improve constantly
  6. We always show full respect to our environment, yet challenging the status-quo

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Contact Person
Benjamin Schunke
Benjamin Schunke
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Social Impact

  • Grow Ghana supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal "Better Education" (SDG 4).
  • We work in a rural area with a clear lack of high quality education.
  • We have established partnerships with local schools with together >1500 pupils
  • In addition, we have established partnerships with universities & youth organizations
  • The Grow Ghana program is free of charge for the schools and pupils
  • Part of the project budget goes in learning material and infrastructure for the schools 
  • We are currently in Phase I (ramp-up) to
    • recruit and empower a local management team (achieved)
    • build partnerships with schools & learning institutions (5 partners signed-up, target=10 until end 2019)
    • develop, test and refine a full learning curriculum (10 modules from approx. 50 modules tested and refined)
  • In Phase II (2020), we want to scale the approach and include train-the-trainer approaches (local teachers get empowered to conduct our program on addtl. learning institutions)
  • In Phase III (2021) we want to bring the first Grow Ghana alumnis in jobs (in our existing start-up companies as well as in partner companies)
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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