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Providing Education programs for the residents of the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Central Greece

I AM YOU is a non-profit based in Greece that focuses on resolving real-time needs of the population it serves. The need can either be on going or momentary. The impact of solving a real need however is permanent.
Currently we are operating in one refugee camp within Central Greece. I AM YOU started in October 2015 in response to the immediate emergency needs of refugees arriving in Lesvos. We are a grassroots organization that believes in the power of people and that there is a better way of providing aid. Our mission is to serve displaced populations and fight prejudice, by putting our common humanity first.

Volunteering with I AM YOU means that you will join a dynamic team of individuals who work together to support our work while bringing a sense of humanity by improving the lives of displaced men, women and children. Our organization focuses on human-to-human aid, putting volunteers at the forefront of our work and building our organization from their skills and experience. We celebrate the diversity in our team and believe it makes us stronger.

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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Filip Soszynski
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Social Impact

Throughout the 3 years that we have been operating in Greece we have influenced lives of many displaced women, men and children.

Due to the nature of our work being more general in the first year at Lesvos, where we started as a boat landing first response team, it's hard to count how many people we assisted to the first registration centers. Later when we moved to the mainland we could capture information better. In the two years after moving to the mainland.

We supported 40 women through our Welcome Project, a project designed for women in which they weaved mats from upcycled UNHCR blankets and bits of life jackets from the shores of Lesvos. The women would get 70% of the income, whilst the rest would cover logistics and handling. More than 900 mats got sold world wide, raising awareness and enabling the women to have a job and support their families beyond the basic money they receive from UNHCR.

Additionally through our Lifelines program we transported more than 800 residents to their appointments in hospitals in Chalkida and Athens, assuring that they would get the medical attention they deserve and have a basic right to.

More than 200 children between the ages of 2-4 have passed through our preschool gaining access to the basic right of education and much needed structure before going to Greek Schools.

Finally more than 500 students passed through our English classes, which enabled many of them to first of all gain access to education, help them in communicating with other aid actors on and off site, and help them in communication in their future host country.
Our Adult English Education Program aims to assist in the empowerment of displaced people at Ritsona camp through improving their access to informal education in areas they have identified as needed through a needs assessment and on going feedback.
Providing access to an international language, strengthens their future possibilities in Europe. It also improves their social skills and provides them with opportunities whilst in Greece.

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