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Our project helps you to give back to local communities and get memorable experience.

After running a children's home for 5 year we have acknowledge the need of volunteer in different local organizations. With the aim to connect international volunteers and make positive impact in communities of Nepal, we started Inxchan to support our own children's home and local welfare organization. Inxchan means New Beginning of Life. 

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country but also a third world country. Unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, unempowered/ dependent women, street animals are some of the major problems of the country. Different organization has been established to solve many of these problems in different way at different part of Nepal. International volunteers skills, involvement , funds help to sustain different humanitarian or sponsorship projects around Nepal.

Volunteering in Nepal will be one of the rewarding experience if you are passionate for making positive change or are willing to give back during your travel trip. Volunteers are the one who change the world. Your contribution and involvement with different social projects in Nepal will help country to move forward toward development, proper education, employment, empowerment and more.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Sujan Pariyar
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Social Impact

We are always active in awareness, empowerment, donation, reconstruction work to create a better social impact in our communities.

  • Children

Our organization is support 12 vulnerable children with education, food, clothes, housing, medical and support with day to day activities. Additionally, we are sponsoring 10 rural children with education yearly. We aim to maximize the number of children we are sponsoring in upcoming years.

  • Monks

Since, the beginning of our organization we are supporting volunteers assistance to more than 60 monks in local monastery. We help them with English classes, take them out for trip, teach yoga and involve them with different creative activities.

  • Donations

After the devastating earthquake of Nepal, our organization donated more than 200 tents, 150 blankets, food to more than 50 families and charities. We also help to make more than 50 homes for the people affected during by the earthquake.

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