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We are a community based social business enterprise and a charity foundation established in Ghana

We are a community based social business enterprise and a charity foundation established in Ghana. We are based in northern Ghana and our town is Bolgatanga, located in the upper east region, near the Sahara country of Burkina Faso.


To sell traditional baskets and crafts from Ghana.

To bring about economic independence of women and youth after undergoing training.

To establish a sustainable livelihood for women and youth.

To Identify,harness and integrate indigenous cultural activities that are of economic benefits to the community.

To serve as a source of income generation for internal and external affair of the organization.


The vision is to bring about development to poor and deprived basket weaving communities in Northern Ghana through:

social entrepreneurship & innovation

Selling of arts and crafts

Cultural activities

Tourism and Hospitality service

Education and Youth empowerment

Fund raising activities to implement sustainable projects in the areas of our collaboration.


To find business partners to trade with

To build an office space

Long term goals are:

To raise funds to build a school and a library

To build a cultural, vocational, recreational and youth empowerment training center as part of our social innovation and self-create programs

To provide clean and drinkable water for the populace in northern Ghana

To find cheaper and safe means of energy/power generation for poorer communities in northern Ghana.

Our Cause:

The establishment of Nongre craft and culture came about after the realization that many northern Ghanaian school children after being enrolled in school dropout because their parents are not able to fund for their educational needs. Most of the areas affected are poverty stricken and deprived basket weaving communities in northern Ghana, whose main source of livelihood is farming. They engage in basket weaving during the dry season, which is a source of income generation and a way of keeping a subsistence livelihood.

The overall aim for this NGO is to bring about development and positive social change to the people and the communities where we operate.e.g. Basket weaving communities, etc. We understand that, in the area of human development for rural communities in sub-Sahara Africa, we trust that the focus areas should be placed on education, cultural awareness, climate compensation, social innovation, women and youth empowerment through self-create initiatives, which are all paramount to achieving some of the developmental goals in rural Africa.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Nongre Crafts And Culture Foundation
Nongre Crafts And Culture Foundation
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Social Impact

Nongre Crafts And Culture Foundation, though a subtle foundation has over the year attain a number of achievement. among these include:

We have two sales shops to help market our handmade products and various arts/crafts products.

We have been able to structural organize our youth into diverse technical trade which include, Masons,Carpenters, electricians

We have a very vibrant working administration.

We have currently on-going is the construction of our youth center that will have an office, Coffee/breakfast shop, cultural floor,library and space for artisans to weave straw baskets, beads and other handmade products.

We currently have youth on study-leave(Studying Tourism and hospitality)

We also have a good cultural group, Organized Straw basket  Weavers, Shea Butter oil producers etc..

We have legally secured a ready land for the construction of our Vocational training and production center which in the near future we want to execute.


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