Farm Care Taker Farm Care Taker Bajamar, Spain Serene Light Gardens
We are looking forward for someone who loves watering, pruning and taking care of the garden. Some knowledge of farm maintenance is also much welcomed like pluming etc.

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We are a holistic center for sustainable living with permaculture, yoga, meditation, agnihotra, usage of EM, natural diet and much more.

Welcome to our project Serene Light Gardens that is supported and organized by of our non-profit association called “The School of Creative Consciousness”, registered in Spain in 2008.

Since then, we have been full heatedly dedicated to implement and share about Permaculture and sustainable living, and promoting projects about sustainability, holistic self-development and spirituality, sovereignty… with the vision of supporting the creation of “Ecovillages”.

The core aims of this project are:

-To restore and give back to Mother Earth all the abundance that she so selflessly gives to us unconditionally.
– To provide a reference of an environment where we can actually experience the life many of us dreamt of: in connectivity, synergy, harmony, and loving co-creation with Mother Nature, listening to her deeply to learn from her never ending wisdom, caring and learning from each other by working hand on hand towards our common goals, and embrace the fullness and abundance of life with heartfelt gratitude.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Michael Sol
Michael Sol
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Social Impact

Our project has been and continues to have the following social impact:
  • Educating about the following subjects: sustainability in all levels, permaculture, bio construction, healthy diet and lifestyle, medicinal plants and gardening, meditation, yoga and inner work.
  • Empowering people to be authentic, mindful, impeccable and self responsible, so we can co-create together a world that instills respect and devotion to all life at all levels.
  • Creating the awareness, that even small changes in our lives can lead to a meaningful positive impact if we persevere in the right direction.
  • Bringing together people from all around the world and from many different backgrounds

Our video is on vimeo and not youtube:
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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