Veterinary Medicine Trainee Veterinary Medicine Trainee St Mary , Jamaica V2 Volunteer & Vacation
Use your knowledge and gain international experience in veterinary medicine. Assist with operations and procedures and support vets with their duties.
Teaching Assistant & Education Help St Mary, Jamaica V2 Volunteer & Vacation
Develop your passion for teaching whilst vacationing in Jamaica. Assist with lesson planning and delivery and provide one-on-one support to students.
Social & Community Development Facilitator St Mary , Jamaica V2 Volunteer & Vacation
Assist in advocacy, organizing events, leading workshops and much more in Jamaica.
Child and Youth Development St. Mary, Jamaica V2 Volunteer & Vacation
Develop and assist in improving the well-being of children through workshops and supportive initiatives.

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Project Details

V2 Volunteer & Vacation combines volunteering programs that respond to local concerns with a unique vacation experience in the Caribbean.

Experience the Caribbean

Feel the rhythm of the Caribbean! Join us for an amazing volunteering experience on the islands of Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago. Discover their natural beauty and stunning landscape while supporting a community project, connecting with local people and giving back.

V2 partners with community-led sustainable projects to offer volunteers enriching, meaningful and rewarding experiences coupled with an authentic Caribbean vacation.

We welcome volunteers from all over the world with varied skills, experiences and educational backgrounds. Make your next holiday count!

The Team

We are a dynamic team with vast experience working with charities and development organisations. We have extensive local connections in Jamaica and Tobago and we are committed to providing the best experience and service for our volunteers.​

We work closely with our partners and volunteers through a process based on shared principles, collaboration, mutual trust and respect for the environment. We make a positive contribution to the communities served by our programmes at every stage.

We also have local staff in both Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago who work with us whenever our programmes take place.

Why take a volunteering vacation?

Little else can enhance the learning experience like a volunteer project abroad! Volunteering naturally brings out your confidence and independence, while offering the opportunity to learn and have fun.

Whether you are most interested in the work experience or simply the adventure, volunteering with V2 will bolster your academic credentials with invaluable first-hand involvement in the communities on the stunning islands of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.

1. Life Experience

A gap year does not have to be a year long. Two weeks can be all it takes to gain insight into a country and its people. Not only will the experience you gain overseas be life-enhancing, but you will develop invaluable life skills and knowledge to boost your professional prospects.

2. A Unique Opportunity 

Combining a volunteering experience with a vacation gives you the best of both worlds: you will delve deep into local culture and support local organisations whilst experiencing the islands that bring millions of tourists every year

3. Make an Impact 

We partner with local organisations to ensure V2 volunteers make a positive impact. Find out more on how you are supporting local communities (Link to how you contribute

4. Feel Supported 

Whether you are an intrepid explorer or new to independent travel, always travel with trustworthy, reliable operators. As specialists in creating short-term placements, V2 offers pre-departure and ongoing support. We are on hand for information, advice or help so that you are never stuck.

5. Explore a Caribbean Island

These small, renowned islands offer amazing attractions, extraordinary scenery, and a vibrant culture.  Most visitors stay behind the walls of large hotels chains, reluctant to experience the real Caribbean. The V2 experience allows you to get to know Jamaica and Tobago off the beaten track.

Who Can Volunteer?

At V2 Volunteer & Vacation we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds, nationalities, and ages.  We are great believers in cultural exchange, we appreciate the diversity that our volunteers bring to our programmes.  We also tailor each programme so that all of our volunteers, regardless of age, level of formal education or work experience, are able to contribute effectively whilst also learning from the partner organisation and most importantly contributing to a great cause

Alongside organising fulfilling and productive volunteering placements, V2 cater for adventurers, explorers, and those looking to relax on one of the Caribbean’s many beautiful beaches.  Whilst no one is obligated to join in on the trips and excursions, we arrange a wide range of activities, from laid-back cooking classes and beach trips to energetic mountain treks and tubing through rivers in the rainforest.

So whether you’re a student, a recent graduate, looking for a sabbatical from work or a retiree who wants go on a holiday with a difference, we have the perfect experience waiting for you; just click through the menu above to see why a V2 Volunteer & Vacation is right for you.


Volunteering with V2 will bolster your academic credentials with invaluable first-hand involvement in the communities of the stunning islands of Jamaica and Tobago.

You can choose from a wide range of programmes including coral reef conservation, sea turtle conservation, teaching, equine therapy and veterinary and animal care.  We tailor each project to suit each volunteer so that you can be sure you’re contributing in the best way possible.  We also have staff on-hand to support you every step of the way. 

We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to take your first solo trip abroad.  We’re always available before departure to contact our volunteers so that you can be assured that you’re in safe hands, and we organise a webinar so that you can familiarise yourself with your chosen destination and our safety protocols.  All of our accommodation providers have Internet installed so that you can keep your loved ones up to date on your adventures, and we give all of our volunteers a mobile phone so that they can stay connected with V2 staff and volunteers on the island. 


Sometimes people need to do something different, take a break from their daily routine, or stop for a moment and take stock of what they want to do next.

V2 can help! Rather than staying behind the walls of hotel chains, the V2 experience allows you to get to know Jamaica and Tobago off of the beaten track. You will partner with local organisations to make a positive impact, combining a rewarding volunteering experience with a vacation in two of the world’s natural paradises. We encourage professionals to volunteer so that they can use the skills they have gained in the workplace to help our partner organisations achieve their goals, and to further their own professional development by learning from their Caribbean colleagues. 

Mature Volunteers

Gap years are not just for students and young people; you’re never too old to get out there and experience new and exciting things. Retirement can allow for time to be given to exploring, relaxing and sharing skills acquired over the years within an environment chosen by you. The Caribbean has islands of great natural beauty, warm climates, and vibrant community life.

Volunteering through V2 allows for close interaction with projects within the very heart of the communities, whilst also offering all the relaxation and cultural experiences of a Caribbean holiday. Get involved with marine conservation, equine therapy, or teaching, using your invaluable life-long skills or learning completely new ones. From day one you will find that it is an inspiring, interesting and rewarding experience.

Here at V2 we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all package holidays. We understand that older volunteers have the experience and skill sets that are much needed on our projects and we strive to tailor each V2 experience to fit each volunteer.  We match our volunteers and their skill sets to our programmes; what you will do will depend on your strengths.  If you are a teacher, you can lead a classroom by yourself.  If you work in management or are a natural leader, you can head up a community development project and direct younger volunteers.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Jade Whyne
Jade Whyne
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

V2 Volunteer & Vacation partners with local organisations in order to develop sustainable initiatives that showcase the resilience and resourcefulness of local people and tackle issues like poverty, education, the environment and animal welfare. Combining volunteering with a vacation allows people to enjoy all the attractions that the region has to offer with a unique opportunity to delve deep into local life.

V2 Ethos

V2 Volunteer & Vacation Ltd specialises in unique travel experiences in the Caribbean and Latin America.  At V2, we believe in a tourism model that connects visitors with hosts, showcases local heritage and culture, and supports local communities. Our travel experiences appeal to a wide range of people including young professionals, students and travel groups.

At V2, we offer an alternative holiday experience, one which allows you  to explore, engage and immerse into local life. Our local knowledge, training sessions and 24-hour support enable you to safely discover the Caribbean and Latin American the local way! At the core of each of our experiences is cultural exchange and community outreach. By partnering with local charities, NGOs, schools, animal care and conservationist organisations in destination countries we are able to offer meaningful volunteering opportunities to travellers. In turn, volunteers are able to give something back to the places they visit. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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