Vista Hermosa Farm Project

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Creating a working educational model for a hands on learning experience with biointensive organic permaculture farming, sustainable , environmentally friendly living.

Vista Hermosa Farm project began in 2015 when the board members met and decided to create an outline for a program that could provide the valuable knowledge and skills to address growing problems with food, soil and water shortages. The outline included ideas to help with the challenges faced with a changing and damaged environment. Our board, which consists of a graduate from the esteemed Cornell University, school of agriculture, a small community attorney, a biologist, nutritionist , cultural anthropologist and MS in Social work, and a registered dietitian, also a Cornell University program graduate, came together and formed this mission.  To Provide a hands on educational model for visitors, students, volunteers and local community members to learn the process of bio-intensive organic permaculture farming, sustainable living, community support, and small cottage industry entrepreneurship. We hope to provide the knowledge to create food supplies where they are lacking and implement methods that use far less resources and land to create more nutrition and calories. The strategies will focus on benefiting the social and ecological environment. We are working to create and maintain this model in all stages with hands on involvement of students/volunteers in order to have the maximum learning impact. Our goal is to have the farm project fully providing all volunteers, directors and visitors all of their nutrition by the end of 2019, all while working on various projects and experiments to continue to find more and better ways of doing things.We are looking for people who would like to have a hand in creating this educational model and who would love to gain and contribute knowledge. We would like our farm visitors and helpers to be environmentally conscious individuals who would enjoy making a positive impact on their communities, their own lives and the world. 
We have chosen Salitrales Costa Rica as our location for this particular project because of long season with mixed sun and rain as well as a moderate climate and altitude, which provides for a year round growing season and a large variety of crop options. The location is beautiful with amazing views and will be a worthy destination for any traveler, just to experience being there! No special medical planning is needed to travel to this area, but a love of nature and it's beauty is a plus.



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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Jeff Coleman
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Social Impact

Our mission is to have a lasting positive impact on individuals, communities and the planet. By spreading knowledge and skills in the areas of permaculture, bio intensive mini farming, conservation, soil development, sustainable living and community development and improvement,  each of the individuals who participate in this project can "plant the seeds" to make enormous impacts on our world (communities, individuals and the health of the planet). 

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