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Voluntouring Africa provides meaningful wildlife programmes across South Africa while touring and exploring the country.

Who are we?

Founded by traveling gypsies with a passion for wildlife and giving a helping hand, Voluntouring Africa is the brainchild of Lowveld Adventures (PTY) Ltd and its partner NPO companies, wanting to join together to not only make a difference in the projects that are close to us, but also to share the adventure and the sites of South Africa.

After working extensively with Marloth Wildlife Fund we realised that majority of our touring clients wanted to be involved, and wanted to leave their mark on their host country.  So combining our life long passion, as well as extensive experience in traveling, we decided to share the wonder of road tripping through South Africa while putting something back into the communities we visit.

Where we work
Based in the wilds of South Africa our base is in Marloth Park which is on the bank of the Crocodile River and is a wildlife sanctuary. It boasts four of the “Big Five” with the exception of elephant.  It is one of the locations that we work in, but we visit three provinces namely Gauteng, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal.

Our mission / vision
Wildlife needs attention 27/7 365 all over the world and our mission is to help with the financial as well as hands on needs of our partner NGOs, while exploring and finding hidden places while on the road.  Our vision for the future is to have a significant impact on the wildlife and rehabilitation centres and conservation areas in South Africa.  The environment, our wildlife and the future of all our wild places is paramount to us.

Our goals
Our goals at Volunteering Africa are simple;
1.  To try and make sure that all three our partner NGOs have meaningful financial backup and hands on help throughout the year. 
2. To say goodbye to our volunteers, who have become friends, knowing that they saw and experienced what the real South Africa is all about, while putting something back.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for anyone who has a sense of adventure! a thirst for knowledge and a kind heart.

Why choose us?
Voluntouring Africa is a company who is dedicated to giving you the most of your South African volunteering experience.  With our extensive experience in working with international volunteers and our passion for all things wild, you'll be sure to go home with a lifetime of memories of the real South Africa.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Kim Pretorius
Kim Pretorius
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Social Impact

Being based in Marloth Park and being a members of the Wildlife Task Force the Voluntouring Africa team has been instrumental in many projects that have been done as well as ongoing project in Marloth Park.

Ongoing projects like litter management and recycling have led to the MWF setting up a recycle plant and rubbish removal site that needs ongoing monitoring.  It is in the final stages of being constructed and has been a huge undertaking.  Game counts in marloth park are undertaken by twice monthly game counts that rely heavily on volunteers and monitoring of the wildlife is a daily undertaking.  During times of drought or in winter when there is little or no natural vegetation we have feeding programmes where feed is made available to the numerous species of game.  Eradication of alien plants and the seeding of the grasslands is also an ongoing project.

Voluntouring Africa has a direct impact on the NGOs that we work with, not only with time and willing hands to do the daily and sometimes unexpected chores, but with a financial contribution which goes towards the wellbeing and furthering of wildlife rehabilitation in South Africa

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