Working with rural farmers

Project Details

This project will involve activities of training small scale farmers in agriculture skills so that they are able to produce enough food to feed their families.

ALEJO Community Support Project is one of the leading community based organizations working in 8 districts of the Copperbelt Province,Zambia.The eight (8) districts are namely Mufulira,Kitwe,Kalulushi,Ndola,Chingola,Luanshya,Lufwanyama,Chambishi.These districts are very peaceful and have good whether.The districts are very safe and secure for visitors from different countries.There are no special health requirements needed in these districts.

Our organization is currently doing the following projects:

1.      Demand creation activities for child health immunization in the communities. During these activities communities are mobilized and sensitized about the importance of child immunization for under 5 children and distribution of mosquitoe nets.


2.      Capacity building training on food security and nutrition programs for community members at household levels. In these capacity building trainings community members are trained in maize/soya beans production through organic farming, village chicken production and goat raring.


3.      HIV/AIDS awareness workshops for community structures such as the women clubs, youth groups, marketeers and peasant farmers and government institutions in the districts. During these workshops community members are given information about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, how to prevent the spread of HIV, family planning and safe motherhood.

Our Vision
To have a society where human rights for all are respected regardless of one’s status or political affiliation.

Our Mission
To promote equal rights for all citizens in Zambia.

Our Goals

To alleviate poverty at household level through social-economic development projects

Who are we looking for?

We are looking any volunteer who is skilled in social work,nursing,nutrition,agriculture,ICT and Leadership.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose our organization,you are assured of good working enviroment during your volunteer work,you will visit many districts,you will acquire more skills apart from your skills,you will also connected to the internet throughout your stay with will also have an opportunity to visit tourist attraction sites in the country where you will view different animals.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Alex Mutale
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

ALEJO Community Support Project is a member of District Health Promotion Team and District HIV/AIDS Task Force. These teams are responsible for prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS in the communities.In these teams ALEJO CSP has been participating in community mobilization for HIV/AIDS treatment/prevention services. During world AIDS Days, as an organization we have been carrying out voluntary and counseling sessions in the communities.


ALEJO CSP has been training small scale farmers, women groups and youth groups in HIV/AIDS prevention. In these trainings community members are trained in condom use, ART, Mother to child transmission and how it can be prevented in order to serve the unborn child from contracting HIV during child birth.So far we have been able to train more than 5000 members of the community in the districts where we work.


ALEJO CSP is also involved in District Adolescent Teams which are tasked in promotion of youth friendly corners. Youth Friendly corners are forums where young people come to discuss on HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention issues.

Our organization has been able to improve nutritional values at household levels,we have been able improve the economic status of our members in the communities where we operate.

ALEJO Community Support Project has been working in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture and various cooperative groups in the districts in promoting nutrition. This is where capacity building trainings in agriculture are organized for community groups so they are given knowledge on the importance of growing various foods. Community members are trained in maize production, soya beans production, village chicken raring, piggery and goat raring.During these trainings food fares are held and mothers bring various traditional foods which have high nutritional values.

ALEJO Community Support Project has been training women in back yard gardens where various fruits, vegetables and corn is cultivated the all year round. The back yard gardens provide a cheaper source of food stuff with high nutritional values and these foods are readily available to the mothers every tim

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