Teaching Primary and Secondary Schools Teaching Primary and Secondary Schools Arusha, Tanzanie Beyond Child Smile
Teaching children age 3-14 in public and private school, as well as in the library. Depending on your skillset, subjects can vary: English, Mathematics, Science,...
Help Renovation / Construction at Primary Schools Arusha, Tanzanie Beyond Child Smile
This project is perfect for anyone eager to use their hands to help. If you want to see tangible results from your volunteer work, join our Building Project.

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Détails du projet

Beyond Child Smile wants to educate our children today for a better Tanzania tomorrow, and education is the key step to achieve this.

- Who we are?

BEYOND CHILD SMILE organization is a full registered organization with registration No.00NGO0009498 based in Ilboru Arusha. Our aim is to bring people from different backgrounds together to build a quality education system for children in primary schools all around Ilboru. We believe that through education we can build a brighter future for our next generation. 

- What we do?

We liase we various different schools in the area, both public and private. Based on their needs we work out different programs to help them achieve their goal. These programs vary from teacher placements, to funding materials and equipment, to complete building projects. We assure that the schools receive the right contacts for their problems, e.g. special needs children, tution for unprivileged children,...

We operate a public library after school hours where children can come and learn more. They can lend books to further improve their English, or learn English/Mathematics and various different subjects.

- Where we work?

We are located in Ilboru, Arusha, Tanzania. The official language of Tanzania is English, but the language most spoken is still Kiswahili. Tanzania has beautiful landscapes, with their famous national parks like Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro crater. With their 120 different tribes you'll see a lot of interesting cultures here, the most known one being the Masai culture. Both the city and the village are very safe for foreigners. Tanzanians are usually very friendly and warm. Casual conversation on the streets is a given and you'll get friendly greetings from basically everyone.

Drinking water is available in local shops. We rarely have volunteers that get sick. We didn't have any prior malaria incidents with volunteers in this area, but some of the volunteers take malaria pills as a precaution. 

- Our history

Four years prior to the founding of our organisation we collaborated with a different NGO, Juhudi Learning Center. We were the contact persons between the organisation and the volunteers, making sure everything went according to plan. After a volunteer suggested to start our own NGO, we took his advice and founded 'Beyond Child Smile' in January 2018. Ever since we are continuing to build our company and network through various different platforms, in order to further increase our impact and visibility/awareness to the outside world.

- Our mission/vision

Our mission is to provide a decent education for every child in the nearby villages so that they can grow up to be the generation that makes positive changes to our economy & educational system, in order to help our beautiful country grow. We want to assure that every child has the opportunity to develop their skills to the fullest so that they can later become a part of an improved Tanzania.

- Our goals

1. To facilitate availability of teaching materials & to empower teachers in order to become more efffective and efficient in the learning process for students.

2. To facilitate the establishment of the community library where villagers and students can get access to news, internet and different books

3. Advocate and facilitate the provisioning of equal education and school infrastructure

4. To assure that all primary school students are proficient in English after leaving school or going to secondary school, and have the skills they need to find a sustainable job in our economy.

- Who are we looking for?

We are constantly looking for people from all around the globe that want to have a positive impact on our children's education. It doesn't matter where you are from and what your path of life has been, we want to work with you and others who would like to share their potential skills, knowledge and time with our kids and our community. No matter what your skillset is, I'm sure we can put it at good use here, since we work with children of various ages in different programs.

- Why choose us?

You'll definitely find a good fit here, since we work with various schools and we have a lot of different programs. We are open to hear any suggestions or ideas from your end. If something would not be according to your expectation, we can talk about it and resolve the issue together. We are here for you 24/7  if you need help, for any matter. We look out for you while you're volunteering, and in your free time!

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Social Impact

One of our greatest accomplishments is the building of the Visiwani Public Library in Ilboru in 2016, with the help of volunteers. The library has grown from mere afterschool leisure to a true educational benefit for children from all over the area. Since public school is teaching in Kiswahili (in contrast with teaching in English in private school), the English level of public school children was in desperate need of improvement and with the after school library, we were able to improve the English level of the students.

In 2017, we helped fund and build a kitchen for Olturoto Primary school, with the help of volunteers and local contractors. They are now able to provide lunch for their >600 students. We gave the school a cleaner look by doing complete renovations.

We provide school supplies; books, pens, pencils,...; to all the schools we collaborate with. Profound teaching requires sufficient materials.

We assure the continuity of the education in school by placing volunteers in those schools that are short-staffed or in need of more advanced teachers. This really helps the children in the long run, prepares them adequatly for their examinations and gives them the possibility for a better future. Schools don't always have the means to hire more teachers when classes get bigger, so with our help and more specifically the help of our volunteers, we aim to solve this problem so that every child in school gets the attention they need and deserve.

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