Amazon Animal Conservation Indigenous Wildlife Rescue Supporter Alajuela, Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Research the animals of Costa Rica to learn more about their lives and ultimately, how to protect them.
Teaching & Child Development Nairobi, Kenya Love Volunteers
Teach in under-resourced schools in Nairobi and provide the children with an educational foundation. Schools are also starting to develop vocational trainings.
Support Hospitals & Health Outreach Pokhara, Népal Love Volunteers
Help in local government- or community-run hospitals or outreach projects, to supply quality care and knowledge to the locals.
Marine Conservation Supporter Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Assist with marine conservation efforts on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.
Social Welfare Worker Cape Town, Afrique du Sud Love Volunteers
Provide quality support to some of the most marginalized people in Cape Town and improve their future prospects.
Improve English Skills of Local Students Playa Jaco, Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Expose non-English speakers in Jaco Beach to native English speakers in order to improve pronunciation and conversational skills.
Amazon Animal Conservation Pastaza Province, Équateur Love Volunteers
Work on projects to improve the environment for the wildlife and their long term prospects and provide medical assistance.
Environmental Protection Supporter Puerto Viejo Sarapiquí, Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Provide essential labor on projects to safeguard the environment and its natural inhabitants from extinction.
Education Supporter for Underpriviliged Children Cape Town, Afrique du Sud Love Volunteers
Provide a quality education to underprivileged children in Cape Town and improve their future prospects.
Life-Skill Education El Porvenir, Honduras Love Volunteers
Provide free classes to teach, mentor, and play with children, while living close to the beach. Expose them to a new world of education, including work on computers.
Childcare And Development Helper Mombasa, Kenya Love Volunteers
Provide essential childcare to vulnerable children in Mombasa or Diani Beach and plan exciting or educative projects for the children.
Medical Internship Supporter Cape Town, Afrique du Sud Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of the people of South Africa and assist in the provision of quality medical care.
Community Development through Agriculture Rwamagana, Rwanda Love Volunteers
Provide volunteer labor to support women growing crops to support their families.
Turtle Conservation Helper Monterrico, Guatemala Love Volunteers
Help with the research and conservation of turtles and their nests on the Pacific coast.
Animal Therapy Assistant Quito, Équateur Love Volunteers
Provide animal therapy sessions to those who need it most in Quito.
Construction & Renovation Supporter Rio de Janeiro, Brésil Love Volunteers
Alleviate health and social issues within the Complexo do Alemão favela by supplying warm, safe and sanitary conditions for families to live in.
Wildlife Conservation Supporter Port Elizabeth, Afrique du Sud Love Volunteers
Save the lives of the incredible native animals of South Africa and vulnerable animals.
Support Local Communities Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Make a hands-on difference in the genuine Costa Rican community of Puerto Jiménez.
Supporting Communities San Diego, États-Unis Love Volunteers
Settle in beachside in San Diego and help local organizations tackle the problems of income inequality and homelessness while enjoying this great location.
Refugee Education Support Mai Mahiu, Kenya Love Volunteers
Provide internally displaced refugee children with educational support and hope for a brighter future.
Childcare And Development Assistant Nairobi, Kenya Love Volunteers
Provide essential childcare to vulnerable children in Nairobi and help by day to day care. Support the HIV-suffering ones.
Women Empowerment & Rescue Center Wangigi, Kenya Love Volunteers
Help young women suffering from different forms of abuse by providing educational and life-skills teaching, fun activities or counseling sessions.
Teaching Creative Arts Kumasi, Ghana Love Volunteers
Use arts to let students evolve, express themselves and achieve a happier life. Get creative yourself by pursuing your goals with limited ressources.
Childcare Development & Education Supporter Rwamagana, Rwanda Love Volunteers
Establish a wonderful new early childhood education program for disadvantaged children.
Youth Development & Trekking Jitpurphedi, Népal Love Volunteers
Develop important English skills and support marginalized women and youth in rural communities. After that, trek through the country's finest natural wonders.
Supply Quality Medical Care Kampala, Ouganda Love Volunteers
Provide quality medical care to the impoverished people of Uganda.
Community Development Center Worker Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of the children of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe with early childhood development programs for disadvantaged children
Environmental Conservation Supporter Antigua, Guatemala Love Volunteers
Play an important role in protecting the natural environment for a sustainable future through knowledgable and enthusiastic work
Education & Teaching Assistant Arusha, Tanzanie Love Volunteers
Assist the local staff and teach English and other topics, that match your skills, on primary level and play additional games with the children.
Teach and Interact with Local Students Rwamagana, Rwanda Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of some of Rwanda’s most impoverished children, and help them to break the poverty cycle.
Educate about Urban Gardening Rio de Janeiro, Brésil Love Volunteers
Raise awareness of healthy eating and teach planting techniques so residents can continue the gardens and create more.
Teaching English in Favelas Rio de Janeiro, Brésil Love Volunteers
This wonderful project was created with the goal of helping to improve the English speaking abilities of the residents of one of Rio de Janeiro.
Sports Coaching for Kids Cape Town, Afrique du Sud Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of some of Cape Town’s most vulnerable children and alleviate health and social issues.
Medical Hospital Intern Quito, Équateur Love Volunteers
Assist in a local hospital and experience the different aspects of the medical field in Ecuador. Monitor, observe and help when possible to help those in need.
Childcare Development Supporter Kampala, Ouganda Love Volunteers
Give impoverished children quality care, compassion and a sense of hope.
Children Development Assistance Kumasi, Ghana Love Volunteers
Help local children, partly orphans, with their daily needs, provide care and spend time playing. Cooking, cleaning and monitoring the children's habits can also be part.
Teaching & Education Helper Kumasi, Ghana Love Volunteers
Provide proactive and quality teaching within various subjects to help local children becoming more open-minded and raise their chances to boost their careers.