Microfinance - Business Development Human Rights & Law Advocacy Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
Our Human Rights internship program offers interns the opportunity to get involved at a grass roots level, raising awareness of human rights in a variety of marginalized
Microfinance - Business Development Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
YearOut Africa runs a small grassroots microfinance program in the Teshie Municipality area of Ghana.
International Law and Human Rights Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
With its history as a developing country, Ghana is an important place to get involved in campaigning for human rights and make a real impact on people’s lives.
Microfinance for Economic Develpment Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
After a while of conceiving the idea to provide needy people support in business and ecomomic affairs, YearOut Africa in contrast to other institutions.
Womens Economic Empowerment & Vocational Training Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
Assist Ghanaian women to gain freedom of choice, financial independence, and access to employment opportunities through vocational and skills-related training.
Sports / Soccer Coach Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
With Ghana, you can always expect the unexpected and this is just as true for the Ghana sports.
Teach Underprivileged Children Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
Teaching volunteers works with teachers to improve participatory teaching methods, classroom management, assessments and gender equality in the classroom.
Nursing Elective Internship Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
A nursing internship abroad with YearOut Africa will help shape you into the nurse you have the potential to become. Our internships are educational in nature a
Midwifery Elective Internship Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
The birth of a child is one of the most miraculous events in a person’s life. On the Midwifery Volunteering/ Internship in Ghana project, you’ll work with experienced.
Child Care Support & Companion Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
Rural communities in Ghana often don’t have access to proper childcare facilities. That's why volunteers in the childcare project who can provide education are needed.
Medical & Healthcare Support Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
YearOut Africa’s Health & Medical Volunteer Program offers an amazing internship opportunity for pre-med students, nurses and medicals.
Construction, Building & Renovation Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
Volunteer on our construction project (s) in Ghana within local communities in and help lay the foundations that will set up basic education.
Medical & Healthcare Internship Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
YearOut Africa’s Health & Medical Internship Program offer an amazing internship opportunity for pre-med students, nurses.
Veterinary & Animal Care Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
This is a unique and exciting animal volunteer project with YearOut Africa, offering the chance to treat a range of farm and domestic animals, delivering animal care and
NGO Development Assistant Accra, Ghana YearOut Africa
As a volunteer you can support many established Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) struggling to help their communities.

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Détails du projet

YearOut Africa is a Non-profit and a non-governmental organization that offers a broad range of volunteering and internship projects in Ghana.

YearOut Africa is a Non-profit and a non-governmental organization that offers a broad range of volunteering and internship projects in Ghana . Our projects are run jointly with local community leaders; and this creates ownership, authentic community development and true sustainability.

YearOut Africa works daily to improve active volunteer projects, collaborating with partners, and finding new ones. We aim to support grassroots projects in most regions of Ghana, offering real hope for the poor and disadvantaged, particularly needy children and the less privileged ones.

YearOut Africa’s volunteer program provides the opportunity to engage in a new culture, invest in genuine relationships with participating communities, and contribute in a meaningful way to projects that makes a lasting difference.

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Social Impact

YearOut Africa has made a great impact in the lives of so many disadvantaged in Ghana. Our programs have enabled people learn and understand new cultures, make impacts during career breaks, summer months and gap years. YearOut Africa volunteers put smiles on the faces of deprived individuals and communities.

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