Marine Conservation & Restoration Assistant Marine Conservation & Restoration Assistant Lombok, Indonesia SORCE
SORCE Marine Conservation Assistants will participate in all Marine conservation activities from building MARS blocks on land to populating them underwater and more!

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Marine conservation, scientific research and education through working sustainably with the local community to restore coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove forests.

SORCE – the Sustainable Oceanic Research, Conservation & Education initiative was founded in 2016 and registered as a UK Community Interest Company in May of 2018. In July of 2019 SORCE opened its facility in the Gita Nada Marine Protected Area in Lombok. It is an initiative providing a climate for ecological awareness within both local and international communities. Through our projects, we seek to find sustainable ways to both restore and conserve biological hotspots with the support of local communities.

SORCE is a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) and Community Interest Company (CIC) meaning that all of the work we do is not for profit. Since we operate as a non-profit organisation ALL of the money received through fundraising, donations, grants and commercial activity is funnelled back into our projects and the running of our research and conservation facility in Lombok which is staffed by local Indonesian workers. This means that we are able to make the biggest impact possible with the resources available.

We are a UK registered organisation, however we are primarily based at our research and conservation facility in the south west corner of Lombok, in a newly created Marine Protected Area (Gita Nada MPA) within the Archipelago of Indonesia. This region is within the Coral Triangle and the Wallacea biodiversity hotspot, meaning that it is a vitally important priority area for marine conservation. Not only is it highly abundant but it is also one of the most biodiverse marine regions on the planet.

Scientific research is at the core of everything we do – it is an essential tool that directs and drives forwards our conservation work. We believe that a foundation of scientific knowledge is essential for successful conservation. Not only does this allow us to stay up to date with the methods we are employing and contribute to the global font of understanding within this field, but it also allows us to monitor our projects to ensure that they are as effective as possible. By ensuring that we use research and scientific application in this way we can make sure that our conservation projects at the forefront of the marine conservation movement.

Although research and conservation are at the core of what we do, neither would be possible however without the backing and engagement of the local community in which we reside. We believe that for conservation to be effective in the long-term the local community must support it. It is essential that the local people and their government take ownership of the conservation efforts so that they can be protected and continued for years to come. We work tirelessly to bridge the divide in culture so that we can come together and collaborate with local peoples for the preservation and restoration of the environment. We have local partners at all levels, from village schools and small community groups, to larger charities and governmental departments. Through these relationships we are able to run a number of outreach, engagement and education initiatives that help to further our mission here for marine protection. Through our research we gather information that is shared with local government, stakeholders and community to help inform decision making for the local MPA and wider area.

Current ongoing projects include:

Coral Reef Restoration - including Coral ID and biodiversity data collection and analysis, Reef inhabitant ID (including fish & invertebrates) data collection and analysis, Coral Nursery creation, maintenance and population, MARS (Modular Artificial Reef Structure) and frame building, deploying and population, Coral Garden maintaining and community outreach events.

Mangrove Restoration – including Mangrove Species ID and biodiversity analysis, Mangrove Nursery maintenance, propagule and seed ID, collection and planting, out-planting site location and selection, community out planting events.

Reef Check Surveys, Reef health surveys, Turtle ID, Shark & Megafauna Abundance Surveys including BRUV (baited remote underwater) surveying, Nudibranch species directory, waste management and recycling.

There is also the opportunity to become Reef Check, Reef Guru and Coral Watch trained and certified on site.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Kara Majerus
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Social Impact

·       Over 6,000 Mangroves (4 species) out-planted in 2022

·       Over 16,000 Mangroves (10 species) bagged in our Nurseries

·       Facilitated and participated in community mangrove out-planting events

·       Assisted the local Yayasans in community coral planting events

·       More than 150 Artificial reef structures built, dropped and populated

·       4 Coral Nurseries created in 4 separate locations

·       4 Coral gardens over 3 separate reefs created

·       Local turtle ID program

·       Data gathering for local government

·       Created and are maintaining great relationships with local Yayasans (community groups)

·       Building & deploying multiple different types of artificial reef structures and coral nurseries

·       Identified over 140 different nudibranch species (and the number is still growing!)

·       Regular Beach cleans and Debris Dives with the local community and local businesses.

·       Provided work experience for final year students at the local secondary school 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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