Reef Check Eco Diver Marine Conservation Internships Koh Tao, Tailandia The Coral Tribe
Internships are designed to help newly certified Eco-divers put their training into practice in a real life environment and see how the theory translates into practice.
Reef Check Eco Diver Ban Koh Tao, Surat Thani, Tailandia The Coral Tribe
Reef Check Diver Course enables you to participate in Reef Check Surveys around the world. (Must be PADI Advanced & have PPB speciality)

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Project Details

Conducting marine conservation research and marine conservation training with a focus on coral coral reefs with over 10 years of experience.

Our marine conservation team are actively working on a vast number of marine focuses projects including Coral Reef Research, Plastic Pollution,  Recycling, Water Quality and other marine ecosystem focused issues.

We are proud to have made a productive contribution to the local environment and hope to continue this in the future with our data collection, marine conservation experience and high standard of training and education.

Some of the projects we are actively involved with around Koh Tao are:

Reef check surveys / EMP (Ecological Monitoring Program).
Koh Tao's range of artificial dive sites. Monitoring, maintenance and research.
Conducting research into coral transplant survival percentages, growth rates and more.
Beach and dive site clean ups around Koh Tao.
Water Quality Testing.
Microplastic Surveys.
Ghost fishing net removals.
Mooring Buoys & line maintenance and management.
Adopt a coral Surveys.
Marine Resource Management.
Predatory Species Monitoring.

The health of the ocean is dependent on positive action and it plays a vital role in the wellbeing of communities across the globe. As scuba divers we are in a unique position to see this, and influence others. Our aim is to instill good environmental practices into all our divers whether on land or underwater.

The main focus of the project is on
Contact Person
Jennifer Dowling
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Some of our social impacts from our data collection.

Since 2021 we have:

Surveyed 12,255 corals. of which 5,547 corals were this year (2023).

Removed 788.91kg of trash on dives, of which 325.90kg were this year (2023).

Conducted 65 microplastic surveys, of which 30 surveys were this year (2023).

Conducted 74 water tests. of which 40 tests were this year (2023).

Conducted 53 predator surveys, of which 21 surveys were this year (2023).

All the data has been recorded and submitted to the relevant organisations.

We keep records of all our project data. Please contact us if you would like updated information.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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