Bernhard Nordcamp Center

BNC offers classes, tutoring, sports, music and crafts to 150 vulnerable children living in low income housing and informal settlements of Katutura.

About the Project

The BNC is an educational after school centre in which 150 of the city’s most vulnerable children are enrolled; many of who come from “broken homes”. The centre provides supplementary classes for learners in grades 1 to 7. They attend public schools in the morning and then come to the centre for academic support. The centre addresses academic excellence, moral and ethical principles and it looks to nurturing the potential present in each and every child. In collaboration with the ecl foundation (an international foundation registered with the UK Charity Commission) we aim to restore a joy in learning and bring balance and emotional well-being to every child in the programme. There is discipline with dignity, conflict resolution, peer counselling and problem solving.

 After School Program
Social Impact

Our academic results have been outstanding. 7 out of 10 of our learners in grade 10 passed the national exam – far above the national average - and every other child in our programme has improved incredibly in their academics. Our children develop their sporting talent with learners taking an active partin local soccer leagues such as Galz-n-Goals and the Namibian Tennis Association Development Programme. We have a youth choir that has performed for international audiences.

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