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Volunteer to help us monitoring nesting beaches, locate/protect sea turtle nests, help the baby sea turtles reach to sea, and raise awareness on our Sea Turtle Projects

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Ecological Research Society (EKAD) Sea Turtle Conservation and Monitoring Project in Antalya / Belek and Kızılot Nesting Beaches.

Ecological Research Society (EKAD) was established in 2003, with the efforts of academicians most of whom are experts in biodiversity and nature conservation. Since its establishment, EKAD has been in a harmonious cooperation with universities, related ministries, municipalities, other NGO’s, and private enterprises. To this day, we continue our mission by increasing and expanding our activities with the contributions of national and international volunteers joining our studies.

EKAD has been running 'Sea Turtle Conservation and Monitoring Project' in Antalya - Belek Sea Turtle Nesting Beach since 1998 (as university research group before 2003) and recently added Kızılot Sea Turtle Nesting Beach (also in Antalya) to it's Project sites as well.

Our volunteer program is carried out in Belek and Kızılot Nesting Beaches. Belek is one of the largest known sea turtle nesting areas in the Mediterranean (2nd largest, according to Canbolat, 2004) and Kızılot Nesting Beach is another promising nesting beach according to 2021 results.

In those projects, we have many goals such as monitoring sea turtle populations, determining and minimizing the negative impacts on nests and hatchlings, educating both the local people and the tourists about sea turtles, raising awareness about the conservation efforts, and encouraging contributions to these efforts.

Work done by volunteers do not require extreme physical conditioning except an endurance to heat, humidity and long walks on the beach, and the ability to work and live together in a diverse group as a team member.

We are looking enthusiastic individuals who wants to be a part of this journey, contribute to the effort, experience sea turtles first-hand, has a work ethic and a love for nature.

We have been working on sea turtle conservation over 20 years with a well-earned experience and still trying to add more of it. We believe in professionalism in our work and also believe having fun is part of doing a great work.

If you are planning a career on related subjects this will be a great opportunity for you to add to your know how and we are hoping to see you as part of EKAD team in the long run as well.   

The main focus of the project is on
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Kerem Yekta Atatunç
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Social Impact

Both Belek and Kızılot Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches are located on a tourism investment area and developing every year more on tourism sector. As tourism season on these areas coincide with nesting season of the sea turtles keeping a balance between the needs of tourism and sea turtles.

While monitoring nesting beaches and collecting information on the issues impacting sea turtle activity we also try to raise awareness of the issue by informing local communities, public, tourists, government and tourism investors in the area ,and try to guide them on a more sustainable way for tourism, which we believe would benefit tourism as well and set a better example for future efforts around the globe.

So far, although not close to be being sufficient yet, we start to get better feed backs and more interest from tourism sector and a lot more awareness from locals and general public on the subject.

We know there is a long way to go and we aim to get 'good examples' on the way to encourage more shareholders to join this path and increase our speed to reach our aim.  

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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