Paint and Development Volunteer Opportunity Paint and Development Volunteer Opportunity Arusha , Tanzania Golden Aya
Are you skilled with your hands and want to visit abroad? Golden Aya has many development projects that we can use a hand with like renovating our Learning Center.
English Coach Arusha , Tanzania Golden Aya
Assist teachers in implementing a new innovative English program in Arusha Tanzania.
STEAM Coach Arusha , Tanzania Golden Aya
Assist teachers in implementing a new innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics program in Arusha Tanzania.

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Project Details

Impact Tanzania is a social project that works to ad in the development in underprivileged areas around Tanzania.

As a non-profit organization, Golden Aya, partners with other organizations, institutes, and social groups around Africa and its diaspora to find, set up, and execute our projects. As we travel abroad and connect with other like entities, we conduct research to find the most beneficial and feasible projects that will bring development to our communities. We focus on building self sustaining communities as well as educating locals in the areas that will guide them into becoming valuable citizens in their society.   

Our goal is to always involve the community in our projects. This gives the community the opportunity to take the project in the direction that will help benefit them the most. Locals in their community usually become our biggest volunteers, however, we invite and urge others from abroad to come and help as well. With the help from sponsors, donors, and volunteers our projects become very mission possible.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Solomon Shujaa
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

We look to build self sustaining communicates in rural areas that will help in creating a better living experience for it inhabitants. Our programs are created with the local community and are designed beast of there needs. As progress is made we will implemented these kinds projects in areas with the same needs. Along with partnering with local NGOs to make this all possible, we connect different communities to support and help one another. Together we can become the better world we want it to be, so lets make a difference together.  

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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