Identidad Vecinal

A local community aiming at increasing the general living conditions of the people living in their neighbourhood, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

About the Project

The ever growing population of Buenos Aires and this disappearance of work places has created huge suburbs that are no longer able to respond to the needs of the people living there and Buenos Aires today has over 40% of it’s population living in poverty. One of these regions is La Matanza, counting about 2.5 million inhabitants and located 50 kilometers from the center.

In this region, Identidad Vecinal was created 9 years ago. More than just an organisation, we are a big family and a local community that strives to increase living conditions for all the people living here. We count over 70 members and work in various fields of work. As the government does not officially help most of these regions around Buenos Aires, we have to manage all of the daily challenges themselves.

Social Impact

Our main activities include:

1. Building a hospital to treat the people with basic medical equipment and medicines.

2. Developing a textile industry to create workplaces for the people of the community.

3. Construction of new homes and houses for the people that have lost theirs.

4. Education and activities for the kids of the neighborhood to keep them off the streets.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Martin Biase
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Kids running (photo from above) Neighbourhood (from above) Music Activities Girl of the community Girl playing and learning Construction of hospital Girl of the community Construction of hospital Neighbourhood (from above) Girl playing and learning Kids running (photo from above) Textile industry Music Activities Kids running (photo from above) Textile industry Girl of the community Neighbourhood (from above) Girl playing and learning