Work with us on the cutting edge of conservation and sustainability to make the conservation of the Rainforest more attractive than its destruction.

About the Project

Less than 9% of Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest, a global diversity hotspot, remains. Here at Iracambi, we bring together people from across the world to exchange knowledge, skills and ideas and put them to work in the unique setting of a rainforest research center. We are working to conserve the priceless resources of the forest while improving the economic situation of the local people. We provide you a base to volunteer your time and talents, so you can expand your horizons, and ours.

Environmental Volunteer
Social Impact

At Iracambi we catalyze social and economic development and empower civic and environmental leaders locally and internationally. We foster ideas & multidisciplinary collaboration, seek and test solutions, and our network of researchers, educators, activists and policy makers spans the world. And through tackling deforestation, we are combating some of the thorniest issues facing society and our planet today.

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