Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

We work hard to rescue elephants from tourism, return them to the forest and educate our community on sustainable tourism to combat illegal trade.

About the Project

Our sanctuary is run by Kindred Spirit Elephant Foundation, a registered NGO in Thailand. We opened our doors in May 2016, with the aim to bring as many elephants as possible back to their natural habitat and, at the same time, to work on educating both the public and the locals about elephant treatment and try to combat illegal trade. We, at KS Elephant Sanctuary, are passionate about elephant welfare and want our elephants to live their lives as naturally and with as little human influence as possible. We do not promote elephant rides or any form of elephant performance.

We also work very closely with the community of our village where the sanctuary is set. We provide an income for our community by creating homestays for the volunteers to stay, renting land and creating jobs. We give back to our wonderful community by teaching English at the school, to the families of the homestays and to the mahouts.

Our elephants have been taken from a life of inadequate health care, poor diet, exhaustion and entertaining tourists; they were unable to just be elephants. We brought these wonderful creatures back to their natural environment where they are living in semi-wild conditions, free to roam as much as possible and live their lives how they choose – interacting and foraging. We plan to bring elephants of all ages and sizes home to the forest, but we need your help.
There are more than 4,000 captive elephants in Thailand, most of whom are living in inadequate conditions with incorrect care and lack of freedom. KS Elephant Sanctuary recognises that this is not the right environment for elephants, which is why we are working towards bringing as many elephants as possible back to their natural habitat as well as raising awareness about the captive elephant situation. We work alongside our elephant owners, our community and other organisations to try to bring about a brighter future for all captive elephants.
We need visitors and volunteers on the ground to help us carry out research on our elephants' natural behaviours, perform health checks on the elephants and teach English to our community. Joining us can provide valuable in-field research experience, teaching experience and the opportunity to live abroad immersed in another culture.

Social Impact

KS Elephant Sanctuary has created an alternative to elephant tourism that will benefit all. Our elephants can live as natural a life as possible whilst our community can gain an income from homestays, cooking and driving. The mahouts are able to return home and live with their families instead of having to work in the tourist camps to provide money for their family. Furthermore, they are offered alternate jobs to still be able to provide for their families. 

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Kerri McCrea
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Immerse yourself in hilltribe culture Get involved with the community Live in a homestay with a local family Teach at the local school Join our elephant hikes in your freetime Interacting with the elephants Eat lunch in the forest with the elephants Carry out a health check our elephants Witness the  bond between mahout and elephant Accommodation is in traditional homestays Our 3 generation family Our project provides an alternative livelihood Opportunity to plant grass and help in the field Visit our beautiful elephant family Help the local school by teaching english Carry out research on natural elephant behaviour Help an endangered species stay in their home Capture magical moments These memories will last a lifetime.. Keep track of the elephant's health Meet our wonderful elephant herd! Immerse yourself in hilltribe culture Live in a homestay with a local family Collect data on natural elephant behavior

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