Midwives Associates Nurse student elective Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Student nurse elective placements are available in our local Hospitals. Nursing elective abroad give student hand on experience while supervised by qualified nurses.
Medical Interns Associates Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
We offer medical and hospital internship for graduates and College students. Its an opportunity for interns to gain experience and develop in their careers in Africa.
Assistant Medical Physician Zanzibar, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Physicians are needed in Zanzibar for physician assistant volunteer work. They will be taking medical history, Assist in treating the patients and prescribing medications
Assistant Nursing Associate Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Nursing placements abroad are available to help in a local hospital, including pediatric section, midwifery section, women and babies, community health section
Hospital Medical Assistant Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Medical Volunteer Opportunity for skilled Healthcare volunteers are available. This medical volunteer program will let you share your skills in a local Health center.
Childcare and Daycare Assistant Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
A Daycare needs volunteer to help with cleaning rooms, clothes, cooking of meals for the children, teaching the children as well as playing with and entertaining the kids
Education and Teaching Assistant Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Volunteer are needed to help improve English language to local Primary schools students. They will also assist teachers in subjects like Maths, Geograpy, Science and PE
Midwife Assistant Health Center Arusha, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Join us as a volunteer in Arusha Tanzania, to help provide midwifery services to Hospitals, Health and Medical centers. We need both students and qualified practitioners.
Midwives Associates Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Maternity hospital needs maternity volunteer workers to take a role of Midwifery assistant to help with the health and well-being of mothers and babies pre & postnatal
Assistant Optician Associate Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
A local eye clinic has eye care volunteer opportunities. Volunteers will be involved in vision screening, prescribing and dispensing glass and detection of eye diseases
Medical Students Internship Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Hospital healthcare internship for undergraduates in OBGYN, Pediatrics, Oncology, neurology, internal medicine, emergency center, Surgery, Labor and Delivery etc.
Teaching and educational Assistance Arusha, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Volunteers are need in Arusha to help the Government of Tanzania in the provision of effective and quality education at all levels. Share your skills by teaching others.
Pediatric Medical Associate Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Enjoy Unforgettable experience by volunteering in a Children's ward of a local hospital helping local pediatricians and nurses in treating and caring for children
Special Need & Disability School Assistant Teacher Arusha, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
We invite you to Join us in Arusha and provide operational support and care to a special education school. Volunteers will help with feeding, movement skills & education
Midwife Student Elective Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Opportunity for midwifery student internship are available in a local Maternity hospital. Get supervised by experienced midwife nurses for unforgettable experience.
Assistant Nurse Associate Zanzibar, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Nursing placements abroad are available in the Island of Zanzibar to help in different section of a local hospital, including pediatric section, midwifery section
Children's Hospital Assistant Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
This Children's hospital volunteer program will take you to Children's ward of a local hospital helping local pediatricians and nurses in treating and caring for children
Special Needs and Disabilities Assistant Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Come and get rewarding and unforgettable experience by helping special needs children with education, one on one stimulus, motion, lifting and handling, personal hygiene
Medical Physician Supporter Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Volunteer physicians are needed to assist with diagnosing and treatment of injuries or illnesses, helping with taking medical histories, prescribe medications etc.
Dental-care Assistant Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Volunteers with dentistry skills and experience are needed in our local hospital dental ward. Volunteer to help local needy Tanzanians who have oral and dental problems.
Nurse Assistant Medical Center Arusha, Tanzania KIVOLEX Volunteers
Nurses, Nurse students and medical practitioner are invited in our Hospitals and medical centers in Arusha to assist in medical service provision. Volunteer in Tanzania

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Project Details

KIVOLEX VOLUNTEERS is a volunteer organisation based in Tanzania with UK support office. Majority of our projects are health related with a few on social development.

Who we are

Kilimanjaro Volunteers Exposure (which we shorten to KiVolEx), is a volunteering organisation based in Arusha, in north-eastern Tanzania.
We are a non-profit organisation, aimed at improving the lives of all those in need in the local community. Specifically, we work with underprivileged groups such as women and children. Established to bring Western enthusiasm, expertise and passion to tackling some of the problems which affect the most needy in Tanzania. Our ethos is that you'll be volunteering with us, not for us. We're far more interested in your skills and desire to help than your money.

In Tanzania, KiVolEx is run by a group of experienced medical doctors and social workers who have seen the difference passionate volunteers can make to people's lives. We have support in the UK in the form of previous volunteers, who handle the recruitment and support of new volunteers before they fly out to begin project work


Volunteering overseas is an enormously rewarding activity, both for yourself and the community you work with. Don’t underestimate the skills you have that will make a difference: one of the most important is that you are a fluent speaker of English. With much of the higher curriculum in Tanzania being in English, but with highly varying standards across both pupils and teachers, just being exposed to fluent English is enormously beneficial for education and development in local communities. You’ll make memories (and friends) that will last you a lifetime- knowing that you’ve made lasting positive change to the community you volunteered with, but also became more independent and rounded as a person.

What We Do

We will try and match you with the best possible project for you. If there’s something specific you want to do, then we will place you there, and if not we will work with you to find something that will benefit both you and the local community enormously. 

Our Project Location

We currently have projects in three locations in Tanzania i.e Arusha, Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. In case you want want to volunteer in Tanzania outside these locations, let us know and we will work together to arrange something that will suite you.  


Is to use  western skills, enthusiasm, expertise and passion from volunteers to tackling some of the problems which affect the most needy in Tanzania.


Is to see local needy communities in Tanzania are empowered and capable of sustaining development initiatives established by western volunteers.

Why KIVOLEX Volunteers

Our Projects adhere to the qualities of a best volunteer project. We not only place you to projects but rather we place volunteers to most needy volunteer projects. All our projects serve our volunteers with a rewarding feeling at the end of the project. Our great volunteer support team coupled with affordability of our projects, takes us on top of the list. Our Volunteers always feel safe and secure with us. 

What will you gain

Helping one another is a deep human intention, and you need not be famous or wealthy to change lives. By volunteer in Tanzania, you will gain a sense of achievement, expand your horizons, learn of a great people and a great nation and also, raise your self-worth by fulfilling a basic calling among the human race. More importantly, you will realize the meaning of humility and the pride and value that Tanzanians have for their country. And reciprocally, they will respect and trust you.

For businesses, volunteer in Tanzania can help you create new contacts, receive referrals from various sources and also increase your customer base significantly. Is there a better way to boost one’s confidence than to take responsibility for a task, organize other volunteers and make something happen? You can also apply your success as a leader on a volunteer job on your resume, as well as in the future professional endeavors.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Innocent Kapilima
Innocent Kapilima
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Our social project looks into addressing issues related to general welfare of local Tanzanian communities such as lack of proper medical facilities and qualified medical practitioners that lead to many avoidable death in Tanzania. Lack of enough qualified teachers and teaching equipment in schools that lead to poor provision education.  Lack of enough resources to adequately take care of Orphans and children that need special education and care in Tanzania, this leads to avoidable death, street children and increase in the number of people belonging to uneducated group in the country. 

We have to a great extent managed to reduce the effects associated with lack of enough resources in health, education and social welfare sector in local communities we serve in Tanzania. This has been possible through a tremendous work done by our western volunteers, their skill, efforts and dedication couple with efforts from the locals have to a great extent contributed to lots of changes to the communities we serve. As the saying which says alute continua, we still need more volunteers to keep up this good work. 

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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