Lchokuti Foundation

We educate illiterate pastoralist communities in Kenya to improve their lives. We also target a local very resource poor primary school.

About the Project

We are a community based organization based in Northern Kenya. We are offering volunteering opportunities with school children, non-school going children, as well as morans and others. The foundation has various programmes consisting of an “Informal Education/Advisory Programme”, a “School Programme”, a “Business Programme” and a “Community Building Projects Programme”. The first involves health, life skills, literacy etc. advise, whereas the second is based at New Dawn Primary School which has a huge lack of teachers, classrooms and resources. It also addresses issues like parents’ ignorance and tries to bring those who are in the bush looking after goats back to school. We work in a culture-preserving sustainable way.
This is one of the few volunteering opportunities based in Northern Kenya where cultural beliefs and practices are still very much alive, within pastoral communities (Rendille), and you will get to live within, experience and see people wearing a lot of beadwork and manyattas all around the clock. On top, the project is located just around a Game Reserve with lots of animals like lions, elephants, antelopes etc.

Social Impact

Firstly, the projects foster education in all regards and aspects. Negative attitudes towards education in the community will start to shift and more children will be taken to school. Education is very important to achieve sustainable solutions to face the challenges of a developing country as well as provide a chance for the individual to escape poverty as well as self-development, exposure, broadening of one's horizon.
Entertainment and sporting events will discourage from illegal activities

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Wilfred Anunda
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rocks environment good for hiking primary school children manyattas out-of school boy grazing goats typical manyatta dwelling participants of this informal education program goat herd of the local pastoralists out-of school child informal teaching session Many pastoralists have herds of camels group of women African sunset morans and elders volunteer accommodation cultural event: moran dancing small children off to fetch water bush child curiously looking at a book morans; programme participants small boy going to graze camels camels which there are so many in the area Primary school pupils sunset children women in typical attire donkeys have come for market day children on rocks school typical attire of locals children eating a mixture of grains and peas rocky environment nursery children volunteer accomodation mother cooking at the school typical manyatta dwelling moran dancing view from some of the higher rocks nursery kids morans in typical attire school children