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In kenya we are 42 tribes and each tribe has its own culture.
Volunteer will be in a position to learn more when they interact with Masai community.

The majority of Kenyans want to improve their children's English skills but most Kenyan rural schools and urban  lack qualified English teachers. With this high demand for English fluency, your volunteer contribution in teaching English is greatly appreciated by the Kenyan people. Teaching English in Kenya is very challenging; however, our knowledgeable staff will provide you with a proper orientation and teaching materials, including a textbook, for your class. You will be teaching a group of 20-35 in a class and most students already understand basic English. Our volunteers work to strengthen students' conversational and pronunciation skills.

Our postings vary from formal to informal English teaching programs in Kenya. You can put your English skills to use with oral practice and games or teaching math, social science, health science or other subjects in English.

The schools in Kenya will be closed in April and August. During this time, volunteers will teach in an orphanage. Volunteers have the option of joining other projects in Maasai region and also urban areas and other parts of Kenya.

Volunteers work from monday to Friday,9 am to 4 pm.During free time volunteers can book safaris.We organize trips for volunteers during free times so that they can explore Kenya,the beautiful country in Africa.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Volunteers will be able to learn more cultural backgrounds in Kenya.Maasai people are a good example where volunteers are hosted by such families and get to know how they live.Volunteers will impact lives of the most needy people where the volunteers are highly needed.

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