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Project Details

Working on solutions and locally processing waste plastics to second life products to stop it from entering our ocean, data collection, sampling and community education

Who we are 

Ocean Ambassadors is a small organisation working towards real-time solutions and achievable best practice towards waste plastics in our oceans.

What we do 

We work directly with local communities empowering them to stop plastic entering the ocean, and offer local processing solutions.

Where we work 

We specialize in developing island nations throughout the pacific ocean. This area is primarily safe, with little civil unrest, small amounts of dengue fever and other tropical illness are there. 

Our mission/vision 

From day one we aimed to follow Eco Souls green Island Model "to create jobs, close landfills and anchor renewable energy systems" 

Our goals 

We are interested in an achievable plastics framework that endorses a vision of materials reentering the economy; collate waste recovery solutions; and spread these concepts throughout the pacific region.

Who are we looking for 

We are looking for individuals and groups that would like to assist these beautiful nations keep their natural wonders pristine for many generations to come.

Why choose us 

When choosing to work with us, you are with a small yet effective team that works on the topic they know. We have many years in the field and an extended network of amazing partners.

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Adrian Midwood
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Social Impact

Through our time working on marine debris, we have assisted with large community campaigns in Australia with the Talking Trash Tour alongside Take 3. Documenting leading scientists and offering solutions throughout the pacific region. We have spent the past 3 and half years in Fiji working on our Fast Track Fiji program. Which has seen positive change, in best practice from the tourism sector, local legislation with single use plastic bag levy, data collection programs and multiple outer island systems adapted.

The impact of this sees communities minimize their plastic footprint and waste plastics entering the ocean. As well work towards local processing of the plastics collected.

With the ever growing consciousness of the problems surrounding marine debris, this program takes a direct hands on approach focusing on solutions.

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