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Sea Turtle Research and Conservation
Ocean Spirits Inc

Ocean Spirits Inc

Sea Turtle Research and Conservation St. Patrick's, Grenada Ocean Spirits Inc NGO | Ocean Spirits Inc
Volunteer in the Caribbean and take part in leatherback sea turtle monitoring, research, and community outreach programmes on the island of Grenada.

Project Details

Ocean Spirits is a Grenada Registered Non-profit Environmental Organization. From It's Inception In 1999, OS Has focused Primarily On The Protection of Marine Turtles.

WHO WE ARE: Ocean Spirits is a registered non-profit environment organization base in Grenada and rely solely on funds raised by volunteers, private donation or grants.

OUR HISTORY: Ocean Spirits was established in 1999 through concern over the continued exploitation of sea turtles in Grenada.  Working as the country coordinator for WIDECAST (Wider Caribbean Network for Sea Turtle Conservation) Ocean Spirits has continued to focus its work on the conservation of sea turtles in Grenada.  It relies on three core programmes..



Community Based Conservation Initiatives.

OUR GOALS. Is to increase environmental Knowledge and promote sustainable use of local natural resources.

Our Mission. Is to protect Grenada natural environment through Education, Research and Conservation .

WAY WE WORK: Grenada is one of the Windward Islands and part of a Tri-island state that incorporates the smaller islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique to the north. It is a small volcanic island measuring 26 by 12 miles.  The vegetation is lush and rain-forest can be found on the mountain peaks of the interior.  The island is often referred to as the Isle of Spice thanks to its nutmeg and spice production. Grenada is considered one of the safest island in the Caribbean.

Ocean Spirits primary research sites are focused in the north Eastern tip of the island Levera. The beach is approximately 700m in length which makes it a suitable study site for a saturation tagging programme. Like many leatherback nesting beaches, the site is highly dynamic affected by strong currents and prolific changes in subterranean water tables thanks to the nearby mangrove pond system.  In addition, tidal movements and storm surges cause major sand displacement. Two private residences overlook Levera and are presently the only sources of artificial light.


Our project is only possible because of you and the skills and enthusiasm you bring with you.  The work is hard.  The combination of long hours, in all types of weather conditions, while maintaining a high level of data accuracy can be a constant challenge, especially when your body feels that it has only just got out of bed!  But it’s worth it! You will come out of it with technical in-field experience, scientific knowledge of turtles, their environment,and their conservation. Put simply, what you get out of it is what you put into it.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Kester Charles
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Until Ocean Spirits began in 2000, little was known about Grenada’s turtle populations.  Several ‘snapshot’ surveys supported the presence of nesting, but few accurate details existed relating to nesting density or the threats to nesting animals.  However, our first year of monitoring quickly established Levera as a regionally significant nesting site for leatherbacks in the Caribbean.  This was compounded in 2001, when a further 426 nests were recorded across two key beaches.  However, while nesting increased four-fold at the primary index beach (Levera), illegal egg harvesting had reach a toll of 90%  despite the implementation of new legislation to fully protect the leatherback turtle in Grenada. In 2003 after implementing our volunteer programme way we were able to fully monitor every nesting Turtle that use the index beach we were able to decrease egg harvesting by 85%.

Ocean Spirits were able introducing for the first time the idea that primary incomes can be derived not from the consumption of the surrounding environment but rather the protection of it.  The notion that a turtle can provide several times the income of its dead counterpart through Eco-tourism is one way of achieving this.  The ultimate objective is to illustrate to the respective communities that turtles are in their own right a very profitable ‘tourist product’.  A profitable ‘tourist product’ that provides financial wages for both individuals as well as funding for community programmes better lends itself to being embraced and protected by the communities that benefit from it. With that said we were also able to impact our local Turtle fishermen from the consumption of Turtle to Turtle conservationists.

Our education programmes continue to help bring to life local and global environmental issues for teacher and student alike. With our community programme we continue to give financial support to children in getting their education, creating employment to the lest fortunate.  

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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