Environmental Education Youth Club Environmental Education Youth Club Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica Planet Conservation
This program supports our efforts to bring environmental education into schools as well as afternoon activities with the youth of Puerto Viejo and nearby villages.
Plastic Free and Recycling Campaign Supporter Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica Planet Conservation
This program invites you to become part of the plastic free campaign where we organize beach cleanups, environmental education and products with a recycling machine.

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Project Details

Organization specialized in environmental conservation and education in Costa Rica. Generate and impulse projects and programs of environmental and social interest.

The organization was founded by international professionals with great and varied experience in several regions around the world. It is making a great effort empowering the people to generate and impulse projects and programs of environmental and social interest in Costa Rica providing funds, gathering donations, working together with other organizations and sharing a lot of experiences with the world. Allowing the people to know more about all the work of communities and organizations to generate a change in the world and minds.

The team is built around the efforts of volunteers, who participate as integrated members of the organization in any chosen project, while they experience the diversity, culture and nature of the Mesoamerican region.

The Story

Planet Conservation was formed in 2004 by Federico and Beate, with the intention of building a platform to present various projects that had been worked on in Latin America. Since then, they have grown in scale, using a holistic approach to tackle the environmental issues that face the world today.

It was upon talking to their children and hearing of their fears for the future that they realized how essential it was to create a sustainable world for them to enjoy, motivating them to continue to expand and grow the organization.

Through these projects and many more, Planet Conservation hopes to keep contributing to the shift in collective consciousness regarding the environment. By focusing on attainable yet important goals, we can create a future in which humans and the natural world can flourish.


The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Beate Heycke
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Planet Conservation has been working to share knowledge to projects, organizations and communities that wish to shift to sustainable tourism practices in order to improve their internal processes and efficiency. Covering a wide variety of themes in conservation, sustainability, research and other environmental initiatives. By working directly with members of the community, integrated and durable concepts and continuous improvements are assured. Endorsing social responsibility in corporations and organizations to enable new working notions for the institutions and the people involved.


As a result, a wide variety of themes has been covered in conservation, sustainability, research and other environmental initiatives

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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