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We are a social enterprise and we connect professional, skilled, qualified volunteers with meaningful projects and trustworthy organizations in Cambodia.

About Us

We are a group of professionals, based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, who are dedicated to igniting and supporting connections that will fuel organisations and communities to move forward.

What makes Professional doing good unique

·         We are solely focused on pre-screened, qualified and experienced volunteers. This makes us pretty unique in the Cambodian environment. The skills offered by Professionals doing good volunteers are not typically available for local organizations. We encourage and promote the transfer of volunteers’ professionals skills to the local workforce and the development of broader best practices for the socially conscious organizations served.

·         We personally know, screen and select only responsible organizations who are committed to a clear mission, are already having significant positive impact and ethical practices including child protection.  

·         We have extensive experience in all areas of non-profit enterprises, social businesses and corporate companies. The Professionals doing good team is passionate about supporting skilled volunteers because we have also been professional volunteers here in Cambodia.

·         We are based on the ground, in Cambodia. Professionals doing good is operated by a well known, responsible and locally respected team. We live and work in Cambodia, we know the place, we understand how the country works and we are able to provide a face-to-face full in-country support and advice.

We can help …

 …connect, choose and select trustworthy ethical organizations in Cambodia

·         We have a direct knowledge and personal relationship with all the organizations in Cambodia we are dealing with. We are able to select and choose those who are actually making a real difference and impact in the community and have a good real reputation for it. All of our Project Partners complete a vetting process to ensure professional volunteers a safe and high-quality experience.

·         We are also able to ensure that they commit to keeping the promise with the volunteers and ensuring them a meaningful experience. We carefully assess the validity of the project aims and goals. We personally visit the projects on location to see the level of impact being achieved in the local communities.

 …create a meaningful relationship for our Professional Volunteers  

·         We care about your Professional Volunteers and we will do our best to ensure they have a smooth and fulfilling volunteering experience. Our team in Cambodia is able to build a direct relationship with the volunteers during their staying, support, guide and coach them from the arrival in the country until the departure.

·         Through periodical check-ins for quality control, we ensure that the volunteering is satisfying and making a real difference. We also offer support and mediation in the event of challenging situation.

The main focus of the project is on
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Luisa Gentile
Luisa Gentile
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Social Impact

We are  a young but committed reality. Since our launch in August 2017, we have provided more than 410 volunteers' day to  selected , trustworthy charities, social enterprises or socially responsible businesses based in Cambodia.

Our professional volunteers have managed to offer something like 2.460 hours of their time, expertise, skill and passion to help a local project. 

The social impact we provide stays in the fact that professional qualified volunteers are a great, still mostly untapped resource for tackling the shortage of skilled qualified workers in Cambodia. We use specific professional skills that often address  capacity-building or long-term needs. For example, an HR professional could help an organization build an employee handbook and a professional accountant could reorganize the budget and expenses.  

However, it is not just about the completion of the project.  Professional volunteers can also share their skills and competences onto local staff and help develop and increase their knowledge. We believe local people are the leaders of their own communities. Sustainable, long term impact is possible when those with the right skills are in the right place and where possible, they pass these skills onto locals.

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