Sainte Luce Reserve

We directly protect habitat and species, develop ecotourism projects and work closely with the local community to satisfy their conservation needs.

About the Project

Madagascar is home to highly threatened biodiversity. Slipping down a slope towards extinction, 94 of 103 lemur species are now at risk of extinction making lemurs the most endangered of any group of vertebrates. The famous lemurs of Madagascar are only part of the bigger picture, there is lots of wildlife that is found no where else on earth. With this extraordinary, yet highly threatened biodiversity, the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is a global conservation priority.

Social Impact

We are direct employers of local people and engage with community at every level. Our work has stopped lemur hunting in the forest that we protect and the wider region, through a gentle educative approach over a number of years, which to us is a huge achievement. We are on the local conservation platform, working towards satisfying conservation needs of the community, we are presently involved in a capacity building needs assessment to develop a community engagement policy.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Brett Massoud
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