The Leap

The Leap organises volunteering programs around the world which include a unique mix of social impact in conservation & community development and adventure.

About the Project

The Leap has been leading the field in overseas volunteering and career enhancing internships since 2002, providing award wining programs across Africa, Asia and South America.

The Leap is a founding member of the Year Out Group (an association of leading gap year organisations), the first British company to be accredited by the American Gap Association, and a partner of both the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s 'Know Before You Go' campaign and the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

The Leap's projects are spreed across each country: combining beach and bush, mountains and jungle; including a mix of conservation and community style projects. We takes great care in making sure our volunteers have chosen the right program to meet their own goals and expectations.

So, expect to experience different challenges, adventures and environments every few weeks for a insightful and exciting leap.

Social Impact

Put your time and money towards a great cause.

To date we've collectively spent close to £3 million overseas on social project, planting over 4500 trees, renovating over 100 schools, improving the water supply for over 40 villages, and directly benefiting communities in the process.

We employ as many local people as we can to facilitate our programs, supporting countless families in disadvantaged countries.

Long term development is what we advocate not short term voluntourism.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Jenny McWhirter
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Collecting data Wildlife monitoring Fish River Canyon White Water Rafting Teaching in the community Accomodation - main tent Sundowners Let us Create Basket Weaving in the Community Elephant Valley Project Elephant Valley Project Outside Angkor Watt Famous Pub Street in Angkor Watt Building the fresh water wells Typical Accomodation Elephant Valley Project Let Us Create well building Angkor Watt Well building in the community View from Turtle Cove African Dhow sailing by. Sailing Adventure Stunning view from Nosy Komba camp Teaching on the beach lemur interaction Scuba marine conservation Accomodation on Nosy Komba Sailing Teaching in Nosy Komba Sailing Island Hopping View from the top of Nosy komba Wildlife on the Galapagos Tachila Tribe in the Amazon New community building in the Jungle Adventure week in the Andes A typical Galapagos beach! Riding for the disabled on the Galapagos Learning the local ways. New roof in the jungle Underwater world of the Galapagos Teaching in the Andes Accomodation in the jungle Arts and crafts project Refurbishment Project in Havana Conservation on the Caribbean beach. Campismo Project Campismo Beach Accommodation Street Music in Havana Boxing Stadium Project Refurb Project Havana

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