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The Real Uganda doesn't want to save Uganda, it wants to share Uganda with the world. We support Ugandan innovation and motivation.

About the Project

The Real Uganda recruits and places international volunteers with schools and community based organizations around Uganda. We aim to build the capacities of local organizations and raise awareness around the world about the successes and challenges of life in Uganda.

Since January 2005, we have hosted almost 1,000 volunteers from all over the world.

Many local organizations lack the money and skills to grow themselves. With our program in place, our partner organizations are overcoming some of the more serious challenges they face. These include: lack of money for operations (wages, office space, transport, training courses), lack of business skills (book keeping, marketing, strategy, grant writing), and lack of up to date knowledge (Counseling/mentoring skills, English language, HIV/AIDS and life skills information).

Many travelers wish to visit sub-Saharan Africa to find out what’s really happening on the ground. We offer a safe and family-like environment in which to come to Uganda, give your time, and experience some real culture.

Village Teaching and Outreach Worker Public Health Educator Agriculture & Conservation Assistant
Social Impact

While working with The Real Uganda, volunteers learn about the real situation at the grassroots level in Uganda. They are placed with locally led initiatives and are in the position to support local leaders as they effect change in real communities. Volunteers choose to become involved in rural school teaching, organic farm development, women's empowerment groups, and public health improvement.

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