Vervet Monkey Foundation

Vervet Monkey Foundation helps injured and orphaned primates to be re-introduced into their natural habitat.

About the Project

The Vervet Monkey Foundation operates the largest centre for vervets in the world. In 2006 we became a member of PASA (Pan African Sanctuaries Alliance) and is also a GFAS (Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) certified sanctuary.

During the past decade the Vervet Monkey Foundatio has developed a unique rehabilitation programme that has helped revolutionise the way in which primates are rehabilitated. Our enclosure designs are now utilised in similar primate projects. Fundamentally, the Vervet Monkey Foundat has saved and improved the lives of more than six hundred vervet monkeys. The foundation has also achieved many firsts in the rehabilitation of this primate species with the aid of volunteers, gap year students and primate carers. TheVervet Monkey Foundation currently cares for over 500 monkeys and we take in many orphans each year.

With no government funding, the sanctuary depends on international volunteers to help care for the primates. Volunteering at the Foundation is probably the most beneficial as not only does your financial contribution go to aiding the monkeys but we have the extra needed hands to help with all the various ongoing tasks at the foundation.

Social Impact

We have managed to give a new chance at life to over 550 monkeys that have been injured, orphaned or unwanted.

Volunteers have helped build, fund and create the following facilities and enclosures:
- Skunkey Enclosure, 2003
- Goliath Enclosure, 2005
- Baby Care Centre, 2005
- Sick Bay, 2007
- Camelot Enclosure, 2009
- Skrow Enclosure, 2009
- Quarantine, 2009

Without such dedication and hard work from volunteers, the above would remain a dream.

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Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Dave Du Toit
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