Amazon Animal Conservation Amazon Animal Conservation Pastaza Province, Ecuador Love Volunteers
Work on projects to improve the environment for the wildlife and their long term prospects and provide medical assistance.
Journalism Internship Rabat, Marokko Love Volunteers
Provide journalism interns with quality work experience
Supply Essential Medical Treatment Buenos Aires, Argentinien Love Volunteers
Offer a teaching and overseas medical experience for medical professionals while also supplying a much-needed volunteer labor force.
Sports Coaching for Kids Cape Town, Südafrika Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of some of Cape Town’s most vulnerable children and alleviate health and social issues.
Special Needs Care Center Quito, Ecuador Love Volunteers
The center provides services for children with disabilities, rehabilitation as well as daily care for those in need.
School Construction Supporter Kathmandu, Nepal Love Volunteers
Help the local community by renovation and building school facilities. Create a better learning environment for students, so that quality education can be provided.
Rural Clinic Supporter Antigua, Guatemala Love Volunteers
Work with the indigenous population in this hands-on project and provide them with urgent healthcare. Assist doctors or nurses and participate in outreach programs.
Provide Essential Life-Skills to Street Children Delhi, Indien Love Volunteers
Educate and empower vulnerable children and youth through various programs and initiatives.
Monastery Teaching Support Kathmandu, Nepal Love Volunteers
Emerge yourself in the Buddhist culture and spiritual life while teaching English or other subjects to monks or nuns of all ages.
Medical Internship Assistant Kumasi, Ghana Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of the people of Ghana and support the local stuff at hospital.
Medical Intern & Hospital Assistant Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Love Volunteers
Assist and shadow local doctors, while gaining a greater understanding of the medical situation. Work in your chosen field or assist with health education programs.
Medical Hospital Intern & Assistant La Ceiba, Honduras Love Volunteers
Help out and shadow physicians and nurses in a public hospital, interact directly with the patients and gain a unique experience.
Make a True Difference to Local Youth Causeni, Republik Moldau Love Volunteers
Create a sense of hope and a sense of belonging for marginalized youth.
Law & Human Rights Internship Phnom Penh, Kambodscha Love Volunteers
Support people who face discrimination and human rights violations
Improve English Skills of Local Students Playa Jaco, Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Expose non-English speakers to native English speakers in order to improve pronunciation and conversational skills.
Support Children from Minority Groups Cerrik, Albanien Love Volunteers
Help disadvantaged children through free education and life-skill lessons. Provide mentorship and cross-cultural understanding.
Healthcare & Medical Worker Phnom Penh, Kambodscha Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of the local patients and create a shared-knowledge with the nurses and doctors.
Great Barrier Turtle Conservation Cairns City, Australien Love Volunteers
Support injured turtles and care about them.
Golden Triangle Experience Delhi, Indien Love Volunteers
This program offers a wonderful combination of travelling India and providing help to vulnerable children and indigenous elephants
Environmental Protection and Conservation San Jose, Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Protect Costa Rica’s beautiful natural heritage and provide essential labor to help maintain park and reserve facilities. Educate others on ecological practices.
English & IT Teaching Badulla, Sri Lanka Love Volunteers
Improve the future prospects of some of Sri Lanka’s most impoverished people, and help them to break the poverty cycle.
Education Supporter for Underpriviliged Children Cape Town, Südafrika Love Volunteers
Provide a quality education to underprivileged children in Cape Town and improve their future prospects.
Childcare in Special Needs & Disabilities Rabat, Marokko Love Volunteers
Provide essential childcare to vulnerable children of Rabat, Morocco. Support disabled children and their family.
Childcare And Development Helper Mombasa, Kenia Love Volunteers
Provide essential childcare to vulnerable children and plan exciting or educative projects for the children.
Childcare & Development Assistant San Ramon , Costa Rica Love Volunteers
Provide childcare to vulnerable children in San Ramon
Child Caring Assistant Rabat, Marokko Love Volunteers
Provide essential care to vulnerable children in Morocco and educate them in basic stuff.
Assistant for Disabled Children Tirana, Albanien Love Volunteers
Give the children a chance to enjoy their time and create fun activities and games with them. Assist the specialists and provide much needed companionship.
Animal Rescue Supporter Buenos Aires, Argentinien Love Volunteers
Help us take care of our rescued animals including pigs, goats, rabbits and many more!
Animal Rescue Shelter Supporter Tirana, Albanien Love Volunteers
This wonderful program’s aim is to simply provide care to animals in need.
Supply Quality Medical Care Kampala, Uganda Love Volunteers
Provide quality medical care to the impoverished people of Uganda.
Language Teaching Assistance Mombasa, Kenia Love Volunteers
Help several schools in the area by teaching different languages such as English, German, French or Italian as well as supporting the local staff with their other tasks.
Support Hospitals & Health Outreach Kathmandu, Nepal Love Volunteers
Help in local government- or community-run hospitals or outreach projects, to supply quality care and knowledge to the locals.
Teaching English, French or Spanish Rabat, Marokko Love Volunteers
Provide language classes to impoverished children in English, French or Spanish
Teaching Assistant for Orphaned Children Kampala, Uganda Love Volunteers
Provide English language skills and teach other subjects to vulnerable children in Uganda.
Women Empowerment through Education Delhi, Indien Love Volunteers
Give impoverished women and girls a quality education, compassion and a sense of hope.
Women Empowerment & Education Support Chiang Mai, Thailand Love Volunteers
Support women and their children in need by providing education, childcare and help with income generation projects.
Teaching & Child Development Nairobi, Kenia Love Volunteers
Teach in under-resourced schools and provide the children with an educational foundation. Schools are also starting to develop vocational trainings.
Teaching English to Students of all Ages La Ceiba, Honduras Love Volunteers
Provide free English language classes to the residents of El Porvenir