Farming and Beekeeping Support needed

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Koordinator | Blanca
Koordinator | Blanca


Experience Colombian life in a traditional village
Gain Spanish skills by living with a host family and exchange culture with locals
Learn new skills and enhanced your curriculum vitae or career with International experience
Keep good memories of your experiences with your fellow participants
Visit Cartagena, Medellín,Bogotá,Boyaca,Santander, Villa de Leyva, San Antonio del Tequendama and more beautiful countryside places.
Volunteer with us and help the farmers to harvest their products and keep farming alive. Choose to work in a Sugar Cane Farm / Coffee Farm / Beekeeping or General Farming This volunteer program is especially suitable for:
Alter 16+

Farmers in this area are struggling a lot with no human resources to help with the daily task to keep farming alive, farmers are losing their only income due to not being able to sow and harvest their crops or to process them on time, this is causing the farmers to stop farming and abandon their farms instead.

The solution for this big issue is with the helping hand of a volunteer, who will help with all agricultural tasks involved in the  processing of products such as sugar cane (Panela) and coffee.

Beekeepers are needed, some farmers are beekeepers but they still beekeeping in a very artisanal way with very old techniques learned from their ancestors, so there is not real thinking about the bees or the environment but honey.

With the help of volunteers we aim to create consciousness about the bee safe keeping, increasing of beehives and colonies, supervision, new healthy spaces, and to teach about all products they can made from bees. And most important how their environment and crops will benefit from this.

In a sugar cane farm or a Coffee Farm: a volunteer will help with the cleaning of the land, planting and crop growing, fertilization, harvesting, transporting in mules the cropsof sugar cane to the “Trapiche” or grinder to process the product into Panela in the same farm then packaging,  or taking the coffee beans to the “beneficiadero” to be washed, skinned, selected, dry, and packed to send them to the next process of coffee production. Although there is always something to do in the farm all year round the harvesting season are from Apr-May and Oct-Nov.

Volunteers will also help with some research to create new products, increase the production and market them.  To help to educate local people into becoming self-sufficient and use ecological techniques to improve the quality of crops and farming living standards. 

No previous experience is needed and a can do attitude and motivation will be really appreciated. Volunteers will have the opportunity to share experiences with farmers and their families and will play a big role to empower communities into stay together and keep farming alive.


- Walking to the Coffee or Sugar Cane farm

- Some days it will be an early start as it is very hot in here. 

- Volunteers in this project will be working 6 hours per day. 

- Volunteer will be helping the farmers with their daily activities describe above
- Lunch will be at noon 
- Afternoon for sightseeing- travelling or helping other projects


The La Mesa town offer a variety of activities as it is surrounded by Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, Waterfalls. Volunteers can visit the : The Orquid Sanctuary at the Tequendama region, The Waterfall La Monja, Hill Walking to the La Cruz Peak, Trekking by the River Apulo, Bird Watching, and small towns around La Mesa like Anapoima, San Antonio del Tequendama, Mesitas del Colegio and The Tequendama Waterfall. The cercanity to the Capital City of Bogota offer the opportunity to visit Museums, restaurants, bars and discos. For the weekends we offer organised tours to go caving or visiting other Colombian Counties like Santander or Boyaca which offer a lot more to do like visiting waterfalls, lakes, caves, extreme sports. Other volunteers have managed to visit the Tayrona Park in Santa Martha, Cartagena, The Caño Cristales in The Macarena, Palm Trees farms in Armenia, Coffee and Sugar Cane farms around. . There is plenty to do in here, also we are blessed with hot climate. So be prepared.



Um an diesem Programm teilzunehmen, musst du mindestens 16 Jahre alt sein.
Du brauchst folgende Sprachkenntnisse: Spanisch (Grundkenntnisse)
Benötigte Unterlagen
CV, Insurance, vaccinations und photocopy of visa.
Es gibt keine Beschränkungen. Helfende Hände aus aller Welt sind willkommen.
Andere Fähigkeiten
Any relevant experience related to farming and or Food engineering to create new products, best way to improve the quality of crops, Eco practices and how to become self-sufficient.Marketing. Exports and Beekeping definitely will help.
Deine Hilfe wird an folgenden Tagen benötigt: Montag, Dienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag und Freitag von 07:00 - 12:00


Dienstleistungen von Volunteer in Colombia

 Tour, Orientation and guidance to the work place .


3 meals M-F , 1 Saturday , 0 Sunday, 



 Donation to the project site.

Pick up at the El Dorado Bogota Airport.

Supervision at the project site

Abholung vom Flughafen El Dorado International Airport

We will provide pick up at the El Dorado Bogota airport.


Living accommodation is in a share bungalow for up to 10 volunteers at the VIC headquarters in San Javier Village. It is in the country side surrounded by the mountains and a River, as normal there are mosquitos, dust and it is very hot and sometimes very humid weather, there is a good range of birds so good for nature lovers and bird watching. 

Single rooms only if request or less than 6 volunteers at one time.

Only two volunteers per room share a bunk bed

Bed linen is provided.

Common areas will be at the main house.

The Bungalow rooms are well decorated. With desk, Lamp, electricity, hot and cold share shower,two share toilets.

For hot climate and the country side volunteers need to be prepared: with very light and long sleeves shirts and trousers at all times
Repellent, Sun Creams, Hat, torch to walk in the evening to the accommodation site if the volunteers decide coming late. 

Please bring some good videos and or books to read in your spare time if nothing to do.


Meals are traditional home cooked food. 

Breakfast will include coffee or chocolate, bread and butter, eggs, juice and /or cereal.

Lunch/dinner will include: salad, soup, rice or pasta, tuberculos like potato or yuca, juice, vegetable.

Meals will vary everyday. 

Some times volunteers decide to have their own meals at a restaurants in town, that is not included.

Gute Verbindung vor Ort
Was ist NICHT inklusive?
Visa, Flüge, Reiseversicherung und Impfungen sind NICHT in den Programmgebühren enthalten.
Der nächstgelegene Flughafen ist El Dorado International Airport (BOG) in Bogota. Wir helfen dir günstige Flüge nach Kolumbien zu finden.
Ins Ausland zu gehen ist ein Abenteuer, auf das man sich stets gut vorbereiten sollte. Plötzliche Krankheit oder Verletzung, Stornierung oder Diebstahl - eine Reiseversicherung für Kolumbien bietet die nötige Sicherheit.
Bevor du deine Freiwilligenarbeit in Kolumbien antrittst, solltest du dich noch einmal von deinem Arzt beraten lassen und deine erforderlichen Impfungen für Kolumbien überprüfen.

Termine & Preise


Informationen zur Anreise

Arrivals will be every Sat/Sunday to Start on Monday. 

Jan Feb Mär Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dez
4 - 12 Wochen


Kosten: Preise in USD
4 Wochen (Mindestaufenthalt)
$ 824
6 Wochen
$ 1.043
8 Wochen
$ 1.333
12 Wochen (Maximaler Aufenthalt)
$ 1.988
Durchschnittliche Gebühren
$ 186 /Woche

Bitte beachte, dass die oben aufgeführten Programmgebühren aktuellen Wechselkursschwankungen unterliegen können. Volunteer in Colombia wird dich während deines Bewerbungsprozesses über die endgültigen Programmgebühren informieren.
Anzahlung (15%)
Mit der Anzahlung reservierst du deinen Platz beim Freiwilligenprogramm. Die Zahlungen werden von PayPal, unserem vertrauenswürdigen globalen Zahlungsanbieter, abgewickelt. Wenn du kein PayPal-Konto hast, kannst du auch mit einer Kreditkarte bezahlen.
Restzahlung (85%)
Deine endgültige Zahlung vereinbarst du mit Volunteer in Colombia während des Bewerbungsprozesses. Normalerweise handelt es sich um eine Banküberweisung oder eine Barzahlung am Projektstandort.

Warum sollte ich über Volunteer World buchen

Zusätzliche Sicherheit und kostenloser Service
Volunteer World ist die weltweit führende Vergleichsplattform für internationale Freiwilligenarbeit. Wir führen dich durch einen sicheren und einfachen Bewerbungsprozess einschließlich aller notwendigen Zahlungen. Plane deine nächste sinnvolle Reise mit Volunteer World und erhalte freien Zugang zu:
Hohe ethische Mindeststandards
Flex Option
Ändere deine Reservierung ohne zusätzliche Kosten
Wir erstatten deine Gebühren, falls deine Reise von Volunteer in Colombia storniert wird
Support & Mediation
Wir unterstützen dich in jeder Situation
Für dich ist unser Service kostenlos!
Die Programmgebühren werden unmittelbar durch deine Freiwilligenorganisation erhoben.

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  Amerika Südamerika Kolumbien  La Mesa, Vereda Paraiso

Farming and Beekeeping Support needed

Volunteer with us and help the farmers to harvest their products and keep farming alive. Choose to work in a Sugar Cane Farm / Coffee Farm / Beekeeping or General Farming


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