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Stay Africa is a non-profit organization providing high quality, affordable Volunteer programs in Cape Town.


STAY AFRICA (previously known as SASTS Working Adventures) was set up in 1972 to provide affordable travel opportunities for South African students. It was the travel division of NUSAS, the National Union of South African Students, whose activities took root in the days of Apartheid. STAY ...

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STAY AFRICA (previously known as SASTS Working Adventures) was set up in 1972 to provide affordable travel opportunities for South African students. It was the travel division of NUSAS, the National Union of South African Students, whose activities took root in the days of Apartheid. STAY AFRICA has played an integral role in facilitating student and youth travel for over 40 years and is well equipped to help students realize their travel dreams. Working with reputable and internationally recognized partners and being members of international associations. STAY AFRICA programs are run in accordance with guidelines put in place by these international organisations. Over the past 11 years, STAY AFRICA has branched out to include exciting opportunities for foreign travelers to experience South Africa by implementing Work South Africa, Volunteer South Africa, Groups and High School South Africa. 

Volunteer Programs

There are a vast number of interesting volunteer projects available and most of them are in the local communities surrounding and in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Volunteers can make a valuable contribution in many different facets of childcare, teaching, social, environment and medical placements in and around Cape Town. Whilst on the STAY AFRICA volunteer program, participants will stay with local host families and eat the local meals prepared by the family. They also have the option of staying in the City in a Volunteer House and eat in a local restaurant as well as use local minibus transport to their volunteer project. As a not for profit organisation run by staff of the local communities, we have extensive knowledge of the various communities of Cape Town and South Africa which enables us to offer first hand experience and advice of volunteering in the local communities. STAY AFRICA will provide a real insight into Cape Town’s culture, history, landscape through orientation and local community placement and provide the opportunity for genuine interaction with the local people.

STAY AFRICA's aim is to offer quality, affordable volunteering experiences and the opportunity to be immersed in a local culture for clients interested in discovering Cape Town. As a non-profit organisation, STAY AFRICA is dedicated to providing young people, from all over the world, the opportunity to come to South Africa and experience our cultures and people. 

Respect for the locals, their cultures, religion and environment are essential to operate a successful volunteer program. All our Volunteers placed in the local community have to abide by our Code of Conduct by respecting the local culture.  

Volunteers also have the opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of South Africa whereby we offer tours of Cape Town and Western Cape. Local guides and agencies are used with the understanding to offer a true cultural experience. 

Community Development 

STAY AFRICA works very closely with the local communities of Cape Town, to provide sustainable on-going partnerships. As a not for profit organisation, the program costs goes toward running of the program. Subject to available funding, STAY AFRICA assists community projects with donations to assist with various programs such as feeding scheme, a laptop was donated to a Daycare centre in the Farming community, end of year school functions, sports equipment for Schools etc. 

Volunteers in the local community are placed with Community host families, within walking distance from their volunteer project. Host families are paid a stipend to cover meals and accommodation, thus STAY AFRICA giving back to the local communities by placement of volunteers at both project and host family.  

All of our families we use are local host families and community projects started by the local people of the community that has identified a need within the local communities. Volunteers are placed at much needed community projects, NGO’S, public schools, Women run day care centres, Orphanages etc. All community projects are screened prior to placement of volunteers and factors such as economic responsibility, environmental, social responsibility and safety of the client are considered prior to approving local community projects for placement of our volunteers. In many cases volunteer assistance to these projects will assist the local people via ongoing placement of volunteers at both host family and projects. 

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Kevin Mudenda

Spoken languages: Engelsk
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Stay Africa Volunteers feltrapporter

Maxim Pradler rating4,4

2024 at Sports Education Coach

I really enjoyed my stay in the hostel Everyone let me feel safe and not alone from the beginning. Met a lot of people and made friends. Hopefully for a long time. The project was really fun but the communication with the school wasn't easy. If you like working with children you will enjoy the ...
Hazal Kotaman rating4,4

2024 at Teaching at Primary School

Cape Town is a beautiful city with even more beautiful, nice and kind people in it. I fell in love pretty quickly with the school, the teacher and her class that I was supporting. I enjoyed my time there and also my free time after school to explore the city. The hostel itself is nice, allthough ...
Flora Siemers rating3,6

2024 at Childcare at a Creche or Kindergarten

I felt safe all the time and when I had any problems I never had to be alone with that!! You will share lots of special experiences with the other volunteers. A negative point for me was that you really can't be on your one... because outside alone it is kinda unsafe and in the house there are so ...
Marie-Christin Kristen rating5,0

2023 at Childcare at a Creche or Kindergarten

So Cape town is just the best city I’ve been to. It’s my favorite city right now, because there are so many activities like climbing mountains. On top of them you have such a great view over the city and the sea! All these activities you did with the new cool people you met at the volunteer ...
Yentl Regemortel rating5,0

2023 at Wildlife Supporter

First time i've been to Kwantu and after 1minute you already feel like home. Very passion people with a great sense of humor and information about conservation. You will definitely learn a lot. The dorms, the beds, the bathroom and the food are so GREAT! I miss it already. ...
Gioia Finocchi rating5,0

2023 at Childcare at a Creche or Kindergarten

it was an amazing time, cape town is my new favorite city shortly before barcelona.😍you can do so many things there. the people are very open and friendly. your presentation in the begining was really helpful and informative, that helped me very much during the stay. the volunteer house was so ...

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