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An NGO based in Embu Kenya. its projects are mainly geared towards promoting education, medication and environmental conservation for community development

ACEF (Africa Children Education Fund) is a non Governmental Organization based in Majimbo area in Embu, Kenya. It was fist established in Meru Kenya in 1991 with the name “Africa Children’s Education Fund Association” whose motto was “Education for healthy children, medicine for sick children”. Its main aim was to offer educational support, health and medical support activities. Its offices were later on moved to Embu town in 1996. the main activities of ACEF revolve around promoting Education, medication and Environmental Education for community development. in promoting Education, ACEF started by donating text books to over 250 schools in Embu and Meru Counties. It then established an elementary school in Embu named Tenri Primary school and later established the Tenri vocational training center which is a leading center in offering certificate courses in catering, plumbing, electronics, hair dressing and beauty as well as motor vehicle mechanics. It also established the Jump and smile children center that offers home to thirty two children some of whom are infected with HIV AIDS. Six of the children are currently in high school, two are at the vocational training center while the rest are in primary schools. in promoting Education, ACEF established three health centers in Meru, Ena, Embu, Makima and Mwea Towns to offer affordable and better quality health care to the communities. It also established an intensive care unit at the Ena Hospital that takes care if the HIV infected patients through home visits where the patients are given the ARVs and energy drink to boost their immunity. The Unit also undertakes regular monitoring of the patients' health status. ACEF staff also collaborate with doctors and nurses at the health centers to undertake the annual mobile clinic mainly conducted in remote areas, mainly Samburu. There is also a mortuary established at the Ena health center. In promoting Environmental conservation, ACEF mobilizes funds from donors and undertakes environmental management projects such as waste management and tree planting projects in collaboration with schools and communities. Other projects include drilling of boreholes for community water provision to communities in areas such as Makima, Turkana, Isiolo and samburu. ACEF has also expanded its activity areas to organic farming popularization. This incorporates the EM technologies whereby ACEF trains the local communities in organic agriculture including inmates of the Embu Prison as well as community groups. This activities also help the members of the community to be self dependent as they are able to produce their own organic foods.

Also in Nyahururu, ACEF in collaboration with Every Child Organization, (EChO) NGO has established a football club that includes youths and pupils. Mainly, the club aims at enhancing the responsibility among the youth, thus raising responsible citizens. The founders offer counselling to the drug addicted youths and trains them as well as other youths on sport skills such as soccer.

Over the years, ACEF has been hosting volunteers from abroad, in countries such as Japan, USA, Costa Rica, Canada and Britain. It's doors are open even for volunteers from other parts of the world. volunteers therefore take part in our activities and are hosted within our facilities. We have host volunteers of any age, gender and race, most of them being university students who come for internships in Kenya. Those volunteers are able to enjoy homestays, tours and travels as well as gaining knowledge through taking part and adding ideas to our activities. 

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ACEF's activities have created a huge social impact especially in Embu County. First, the health centers have offered rescue to the society through provision of low cost, high value medication. Actually, the health centers are the leading medical facilities in the counties where they are based. Tenri Primary school also has been the leading school in offering education in the county. Establishing a children orphanage at Makima also created a home for the orphaned children some of them who need special care due to their HIV status. Some guardians of the children were not willing to take care of them thus exposing them to torture while others were not able to take care of them due to poor financial status. ACEF's Jump and smile orphanage therefore offered home to such children. The creation of the comprehensive care unit also has helped to prolong life of some HIV infected patients by ensuring that they have adequate provision of the ARVs as well as providing them with immune boosters. The annual medical camps at Isiolo also help the communities that lack medical facilities as house to house visit is done. Encouraging organic farming has seen many community members produce their own food and even for sale as a result  of increased produce. 

Establishment of boreholes in the areas has favoured many community members mainly women and children as they are able to concentrate on other duties such as family care and education as the time that they used to spend in searching for water was greatly reduced. Crop and animal farming was also made possible due to availability of water.
Football training, counselling and rehabilitation of the youths in Nyahururu has also helped in improving responsibility among the youth and reduced the rates of drug abuse among the youths. Some of the youths that were earlier on drug users and abusers are now participating in football and doing  some income generating activities such as running barber shops, shoe repairs, among others and some  also have families, thanks to the trainings and the counselling. 

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