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At the Habibi Center, we teach around 50 eager teenagers each day. But don't worry! The average class size is 6 students, which is why we feel like a small community!

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Habibi Center is a non-formal educational project addressed to young refugees residing in Athens, Greece.

Habibi Center is a non-formal educational project addressed to young refugees coming from different countries in current or past conflict – such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and some other countries.

The Habibi Center is an organization based in Athens, Greece, which provides vulnerable young refugees from different nationalities and religions with a safe, a respectful, and friendly environment in order to be able to build up dignity, self-confidence, and self-esteem as well as offering the learning of the English language and preparing them for official Cambridge exams. 

Habibi Center focuses on English lessons – from completely illiterate beginners to CEFR B2 level. The main aim is to see a consistent evolution of the students to be able to prepare them for official Cambridge English exams, such as KET, PET, and FCE. 

Maths is also provided for all the students keen to increase their knowledge, through uploaded material within the Habibi Center Virtual School. In addition, other short-term activities such as fine arts, geography, science, photography, and writing skills are carried out subject to specialized volunteers’ availability.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Stephanie Martinez
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Social Impact

Over 200 refugee minors have attended our courses since the beginning of the Habibi Center.  A total of 21 students have achieved A1 certificates, 49 students have A2 certificates and 22 students have achieved B1 and one student has achieved B2 Cambridge English Certificate. 

For the many that have received certificates, they have used these for their asylum interviews, their school assessment interviews (in Germany, Austria, UK, The Netherlands, and Sweden) and even for applying to jobs. With a B1 Certificate, students have access to many work possibilities that were otherwise closed to them since for many of them this is the only education for which they have received official qualifications. Learning English and attaining these certificates is crucial to the integration of refugee youth into European society, enabling them to communicate, exchange ideas and share culture, and to become a contributing member of our society.

Currently, we have 45 students, ages 13-19, attending the Habibi Center regularly, most of them being unaccompanied minors. At the moment we have students from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, Palestine, and Somalia. 

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