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In Tanzania we run a Day Care Centre, a Health Project and a Sponsorship Programme. We also support a local Primary School.

Who we are?

help2kids was founded in 2009 in Switzerland and opened in 2011 in Tanzania. Soon after the projects were implemented and local schools supported. We expanded our projects to Malawi in 2012 to support even more children in need. Since then a team of international and local staff works ...

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Who we are?

help2kids was founded in 2009 in Switzerland and opened in 2011 in Tanzania. Soon after the projects were implemented and local schools supported. We expanded our projects to Malawi in 2012 to support even more children in need. Since then a team of international and local staff works hand in hand with the Head Office in Switzerland to serve vulnerable children in Tanzania and Malawi.

What we do?

We run a Day Care Centre in Tanzania and support a local primary school with nearly 700 students. Our Health Project pays the medical costs of nearly 1,000 children including the kids of two governmental orphanages.

In Malawi we support the local Nursery School with a feeding program and implement small but important projects at the local primary school like a sports club and a library. We also partner with the local clinic through implementing the maternity feeding program and the outreach program to reach infants that would otherwise not have access to medical service.

In both countries we offer sponsorships to children who would otherwise not have the chance to continue their education after primary school.

Where we work?

In Tanzania our projects are located in the low-income fishing village Kunduchi, 20km north of the most important city of the country, Dar es Salaam. Some projects are located directly on our Campus together with the Volunteer House, others can be easily reached by bus and bicycle. 

In Malawi the projects and the Volunteer House are located in Lifuwu, a rural village directly next to Lake Malawi. Here you can learn about the very basic life in an African village. Malawi is known as The Warm Heart Of Africa and you will understand why within the first 5 minutes in the country. The projects can be reached on foot and mostly you won't walk alone as kids come running to join you.

Our mission/vision

We help Kids NOW! is the basic principle of help2kids.

Children: It is our ultimate objective and principle to help kids NOW! Children are the most vulnerable in our society. Hence, we are committed to render every possible assistance to ensure that they achieve a bright and sustainable future.

Awareness: We want to increase awareness about the major challenges that children growing up in Africa face. This will help us achieve our objectives as well as encourage public willingness to get involved and to contribute.

Projects: Our planned projects are being put into practice efficiently, reliably, and without a lot of bureaucracy. We continuously monitor the development and current status of all project work on-site. We are politically and religiously independent.

Funds: We handle financial contributions entrusted to us with care. We ensure that they are systematically applied in order to successfully achieve the implementation of our projects in Tanzania and Malawi. We work together with private donors, corporate donors, and project sponsors (provision of goods / non-cash benefits). We communicate openly, and we are completely transparent at all times. 

We tackle poverty: We strive to alleviate poverty in tangible, sustainable ways and are committed to improving the living conditions and opportunities for children in Tanzania and Malawi so that they can reach their full potential.

We offer fair opportunities: We strive to offer vulnerable children the opportunity for education, nutrition and healthcare

We are committed: We strive to help children realize their full potential and are committed to equipping them with the tools necessary to reach that potential.

We offer perspective: We strive to give young people a lasting and new perspective.

Our goals

We aim to see children breaking the circle of poverty and becoming productive members of their communities by offering them an education and supporting them with all tools needed. Through offering the most basic and important medical supplies and health services we aim to prevent children from dropping out of school due to easily avoidable health issues.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated, flexible, adaptable, open-minded and pro-active volunteers, who wish to immerse themselves into the African culture and traditions. While Swahili is the most important language in Tanzania, at our Day Care Centre the kids are taught in English and at our partner schools you will be assisting with English lessons. Therefore you need to speak English on a basic level and you should be willing to learn some very few Swahili words while in Tanzania or Chichewa when you come to Malawi.

You might not feel like born to be a teacher and we promise not to place you in front of a class alone. You will always work together with a teacher and quickly feel comfortable to work with smaller or bigger groups of kids. Tell us your strength, skills and interests - we have many projects and need different profiles, talents and competences.

Why choose us?

We have been offering volunteering opportunities for many years and our teachers and project managers know what to do with volunteers and how to integrate you in the project the best way possible. Our team of international and local staff is always around and supports you wherever necessary. Our Volunteer Coordinator takes you through the entire application process and will welcome you at the Volunteer House upon arrival. With help2kids you can easily combine volunteering in two very different environments - the vibrant fast growing city of Dar es Salaam and a fishing village in rural Malawi.

Contact Person

Bea Wieland

Spoken languages: German, English
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help2kids reviews

Sophie Merkl rating4.6

2023 at Teaching Kids of All Ages

Ich habe drei Wochen in Tanzania bei Help2Kids verbracht und es waren die schönsten in diesem Sommer. Alle Mitwirkenden von der Organisation haben tolle Arbeit geleistet und waren immer so hilfsbereit und freundlich. Die Kinder waren allesamt zu süß, sodass man sie am Ende nur vermissen kann. ..
Judith Näf rating5.0

2020 at Teaching Kids of All Ages

My planned 4 weeks near Dar es Salaam, Tanzania passed so quickly and I enjoyed every single moment. Eventhough some moments were a new and special experience for me, because of the different culuture, the project was totally satisfying and I can recommend it highly. It is possible to choose one ...
Nadine rating5.0

2020 at Teaching Kids of All Ages

I had a great time during my stay in Tanzania. The help2kids campus is well located from the different projects. All the people are very nice and they helped me a lot getting to know the new place. I was helping to teach english at a primary school. The kids were very excited and I had a lot of fun ...
Paul Burggraf rating4.8

2020 at Teaching Kids of All Ages

My name is Paul and I've been to help2kids in Tanzania for the 3rd time this year. Like every year it was an unforgettable time with the local people! Simply register and learn more about the many projects on site Bye ...
Letícia Resende rating5.0

2019 at Teaching Kids of All Ages

I would recommend both Exchange do Bem and Help2kids to everyone interested in Volunteering. Tanzania was my second trip with Exchange do Bem and, as usual, they took care of everything. The Brazilian team is always available to help and do it with kindness and pleasure no matter the time ...
Faye Balmer rating5.0

2019 at Teaching Kids of All Ages

I just had a grest time with help2kids in Daressalam Tansania. Everyone was totally friendly and helpful. You could creat your week free. That means you could say were and when you want to join the different projects. The Mamas were always there for you and so the natives at the projects. Everyone ...

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