Youth, Women and Girls Empowerment Supporter Construction of a Resource Center Karonga, Malawi Helping Your Community Forum
This project is to provide and encourage maintenance culture in already existing facilities.
Youth, Women and Girls Empowerment Supporter Karonga, Malawi Helping Your Community Forum
We would not be able to do what we do best without our volunteers. We would be honored to have your support in teaching our students, youth and community life skills.
School Teacher Supporter in Local Area Karonga, Malawi Helping Your Community Forum
Experience the rural Malawian way of life and it's laid back, friendly atmosphere while teaching children!
Assistant for Medical work Karonga, Malawi Helping Your Community Forum
Our health projects offers a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to become familiar with the challenges and health issues of developing countries.

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Project Details

The project is assisting women, children and youth in most vulnerable situations.


Helping You Community Forum is a registered Youth Led Non-Government Organization based in Karonga, Malawi, Southeastern Africa. As an organization based in Malawi, we have seen the issues that families struggle dealing with gender inequalities and exposure to HIV/AIDs to pushing themselves to extreme conditions to meet basic necessities.

We strive to work with communities to foster change and through the generosity of donors and our wonderful team of volunteers, we are doing just that!

To achieve a sustainable community development in Karonga, Malawi, Helping Your Community Forum is working in five thematic areas:

1) Women and Youth Empowerment:

Training in income generation activities and encouragement to take part in decision making processes. Sexual and reproductive health Rights 

In order to contribute to the girl’s empowerment, the organization chose to focus on education. Many girls are not informed on how to handle their monthly period properly and miss school because they feel uncomfortable. Or they drop out after getting pregnant. This leaves them with a worse education than the male students are able to receive, limiting their future prospects. To avoid that, the organization takes responsibility by implementing sex education courses in secondary schools to raise awareness and provide accurate information to the students

2) Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture: Tree planting activities, promotion and construction of improved firewood cooking stoves, briquette fabrication from rice husks, promotion of organic farming techniques and raising awareness about environmental issues.

3) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Training of villagers in hygienic issues, waste collection activities, facilitation of the construction of public toilets and awareness raising about the importance of a clean and hygienic environment.

4) HIV/AIDS and nutrition: 

Training and awareness raising on HIV/AIDS prevention and the importance of healthy nutrition.

5) Good Governance and Education:

Facilitation of access to schools for underprivileged girls and boys, managing pen-pal schemes to improve communication, cultural awareness and language skills. Also improving the transparency of governmental activities for the local communities.


Our Organization's vision is to achieve a society that is at least 75% free of social and climate problems through a sustainable environment, social, and education by 2030.
Our Organization's main mission is to bridge the gap in inequalities and address the vulnerability in the underserved communities of Malawi.

We try to empower women and girls, and men and boys through capacity building, tackling gender discrimination and violence, and supporting more equitable economic and social opportunities for the marginalized people.

HYCF consists of a team of eight HYCF secretaries, many having a background of community development and project management studies, as well as 20 women organized in a women’s group and 17 youngsters organized in a youth group which was set up in mid 2020. All of them are working on volunteer basis. Since early 2019 HYCF has hosted 22 international volunteers that were supporting in the field and brought new ideas in from which nine volunteers are still assisting HYCF through advices, providing of networks and processing of ongoing projects.
HYCF has in place a strong system of internal organizational governance and a clear focus on its programs while following its core values: 
We employ humanistic, do no harm, and ubuntu principles in our work. 

Our Strategies focuses on sustainable and life-improving means that communities can embrace, keep their pride and manage their futures


At Helping You Community Forum(HYCF), we take a collaborative approach to our work and believe that those who live in the area are best able to assess needs and create solutions for the community.

We do not impose what we think should be solutions from the top-down, but rather work with community members from the ground up.

Our commitment to collaboration allows us to maximize impact and assist in the development of Karonga in a responsible and positive way.

All our projects have community ownership, which is demonstrated in two ways:

First, communities are enlisted to identify their needs and solutions, which becomes the basis of our work. We participate in the regular village needs assessment meetings attended by Village Headmen (chiefs), local village development committees, women’s groups, civil society leaders, and other community members. It is from these meetings that the concept, planning, and implementation stages of any of our projects begin. Furthermore, all work is vetted by community stakeholders. 

Second, communities contribute to the running of each project. Our approach emphasizes the personal responsibility and accountability of all partners involved.

This grassroots model for development utilizes local knowledge and ensures that we work in collaboration with traditional leaders and other like-minded players respecting cultural values and traditions. This process is assisted by the community liaison officer, who ensures that we stay fully engaged with everything taking place in the villages and vice versa.

We have expanded our programming, but maintain our focus on a relatively small geographic area of Mwenilondo in Karonga, Malawi. Remaining a local organization has a number of benefits. We have developed a strong rapport with stakeholders in the area, which helps us to run our many projects effectively. Working on the ground also allows us to have close and ongoing monitoring of all projects, and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt projects where necessary and learn through evaluation. This approach also ensures that all money donated is used in the most cost-effective way, as we have minimal overhead costs.

As a development organization, it is important to us that our initiatives are in-line with those of broader development strategies, both in the national and international context. These strategies include the Karonga District Development Plan, Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III, and the United Nation’s Standard Development Goals. Each of these strategies includes specific actions for women and girls empowerment. By aligning our programs with the initiatives in these development strategies, we ensure that our programs are following the best fit for the development of Malawi.
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Contact Person
David Ghambi
David Ghambi
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Social Impact

HYCF,  is a registered organization that has over the past years worked in Karonga implementing interventions

To promote good health and  fight against climate change we build and distribute clean cook stoves. In total, we equipped 4,700 households in 5 villages, supporting more than 14 000 people. To reduce school dropout rates among girls we built a change house for girls to use when doing their periods, donated 3 pads and
2 Soaps each to 263 girls in 5 schools.

To uplift the socio-economic welfare of vulnerable women in the district we provided soft loan to 10 women to start small-scale businesses to be economically independente.To raise awareness of maternity care for mothers-to-be and increase the number of pregnant women starting antenatal care in the first trimester, HYCF purchased 50 midwife backpacks and mama kits and donated them to Mwenilondo Health Centre. 

We also ran a campaign to raise awareness about gender-based violence. We involved the whole
community in the implementation of the project.

Within the priorities that the districts are addressing are issues to do with Mental health, HIV and AIDS, Women and Youth Empowerment, access to potable water, e Climate Change,Gender Equality and quality education. HYCF as a player in development conducts interventions that are in line with the district development plan.

Though the district is making some good gains in the recent years, there is obviously a lot of work that still needs to be done. Several sectors of the life in the district, women, youths, children and the local leaders and even government officials believe that the absence of a community resource center hinders progress in socioeconomic development.

  • Currently we have started the construction of HYCF Resource Centre and it has been thought to be a very innovative way of solving these problems. It is realised that the solutions to these so many problems are with the people themselves, therefore there is a need of creating a place where the people can be gathering for the sharing of ideas, experiences and where various information can easily be accessed.

Currently, women who are in different groups in the district meet under trees and sometimes request for space in classrooms which compromises their programs in times of bad weather or school program. Women also do not have a place where they can go and learn various skills such as sawing / knitting, baking, and other food processing skills which may in turn help them create income generating activities.

Children require access to information on various issues for their wellbeing. Children also require a library to improve their reading and understanding skills. The children also require recreation facilities. All these are not provided for in the district. The Resource Centre shall have a children’s corner where children shall have a Library and recreation facilities for the children.

The youths require an environment where they can meet as peers and discuss issues that affect their lives. Absence of such a place in the district leads the youths to engage in promiscuous behaviors leading them to catching HIV / AIDs and even getting involved in drug abuse. The youths also do not have a place for recreation activities. They also need to have a place where they can learn various vocational skills.

Communities realise that in togetherness there is power, hence the need for a resource center which can cater as a meeting place for various caucuses. These empowered communities will in the long run address the vulnerability of Karonga and the country at large will achieve sustainable development. The place will enhance discussions that will lead to appropriate behavioral change.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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