Coral Reef Gardening Coral Reef Gardening Lovina, Indonesia Indonesia Coral Reef Garden
Regrow and replant colonies of coral to restore and rehab damaged reefs and take back ocean ecosystem sustainability for the future.
Marine Debris Warrior & Coral Reef Conservation Lovina, Indonesia Indonesia Coral Reef Garden
Marine debris warriors, engage the underwater citizen, by working together locally, nationally, and internationally to make movement for a marine debris-free the planet

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Indonesia Coral Reef Garden aims to replant colonies of coral to restore and rehab damaged reefs ecosystem.

Indonesia Coral Reef Garden was born in Lovina north part of the Bali island of Indonesia in 2019. We started as a small group of community-based who were witnessing the vast degradation of the coral reef ecosystem around us and decided to take action. Today the small group grew to a bigger and more attractive team of marine scientists and biologists, engineers, creators, and divers determined to save the reef by restoration, conservation, and generating collaborative action around the world. 

We have built a coral nursery not too far from the shore of Lovina. The nursery made from steel and concrete material protects the coral as it grows. The structure enables us to collect damaged and broken coral and transplant it to the protected nursery. We frequently monitor and track the growth and progress of the baby coral. Rehabilitation of reef ecosystems may progress through the implementation of both preventive as well as active restoration measures. A two-step restoration strategy termed “gardening of denuded coral reefs,” whose central concept is the mariculture of coral recruits in nurseries. In the second step nursery-grown, coral colonies are transplanted to degraded reef sites. 

Our mission is to regrow and replant colonies of coral and take back ocean sustainability for the future, protecting ecological stability and balance, protecting the livelihoods and knowledge of indigenous people. Our goal is to plant more than one million corals during 2025, reach, empower and educate 1000 people through awareness programs, develop tools and methods to facilitate coral reef monitoring. This is just the beginning of the conservation movement of our coral reef ecosystem. We consider our team members to be the key to our successful program. We invite from all around the world in order to find scientists, divers, coral reef warriors, naturalists, and marine enthusiasts with the same grit and determination to restore and rehab the coral reef with coral gardening way and ocean conservation.

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In 2020 We are restoring damaged reefs that have suffered from natural disasters and human disturbances around. We plant one million corals in 5 sites north of Bali. We use several techniques to grow and replant corals before replanting them to create more resilient reefs. Our team is always focused on continuous improvement, monitoring the growth and health of the corals in our nurseries and transplanted areas. We are creating a scalable model that will allow us to increase our impact and empower people to create Coral Gardeners branches all around. We want to empower you to act for the reef, wherever you are.


Raising awareness is key to inspiring change across all generations, borders, and oceans. We reach more than 500 people through an awareness program that joined with us to transplant and did underwater beach clean-up. We are telling the story of the reef worldwide through 10 groups of fishermen community, 20 groups of dive community, visited 50 schools for school lectures, and impactful social media content, to educate the world in defining a coral and its importance and we want you to be a part of this movement


We believe in the power of technology and creativity to push the boundaries of ocean conservation. We work with scientists from a local and international university. We are open to scientists and engineers to help develop the world's most advanced technologies for the ocean to improve our reef restoration monitoring and to provide an immersive experience to our community.

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