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Integrated Villages Uganda

Integrated Villages Uganda

Business Supporter for Women Empowerment Masaka, Uganda Integrated Villages Uganda
This is an economic empowerment program transforming lives of women and youth through small scale businesses and skills sharing.

Project Details

This project seeks to alleviate poverty and improve the livelihoods of rural people in Lwengo, Uganda through innovative and sustainable community based solutions.

Integrated Villages Uganda (formerly knaown as CIIRD) was founded to alleviate poverty among rural people and address Environmental challenges in different communities; reduce food insecurity and improve on livelihoods of rural people especially smallholder farmer families through micro enterprise while conserving the Environment as well .

Since Agriculture is the main employer of the largest population in rural areas, it was prioritized to be integrated with conservation strategies to help in improving the livelihoods of people in our target communities.

We work with women, youth and marginalized groups of people including children, elderly and institutions such as schools.

Our mission is to alleviate poverty among smallholder farmer families through productive Climate smart activities and community capacity building to increase household incomes and social wellbeing for self-sustaining livelihoods.

We promote environment conservation through sustainable and innovative methods such as Sustainable Agricultural Land Management practices(SALM) and Conservation agriculture which integrates tree planting, best soil and water management practices with other farm interventions on farmland thus improving the productivity smallholder farm productivity.

We promote sustainable energy through promoting safe and sustainable energy options that cause less harm to the environment and the users. These include use of wood saving stoves, solar and biogas which our beneficiaries have found very helpful and lifesaving.

We work with women and youth to improve their economic conditions through improving access to affordable credit, skills development and gender equality which gives them the power to drive development in their communities

We also sensitise and mobilise community members on water and sanitation, reproductive health, outreaches to HIV/AIDS affected communities, Human rights education and other issues that directly affect the lives of local people and their communities.

 Integrated Villages Uganda works is an indigenous organization operating in Uganda, Lwengo district near Masaka town. This region is in a rural setting with good roads and thus easily reachable. The area is safe all the time and favorable for any health condition.  

Kkingo Subcounty is located 9km from Masaka town and is one of our main Subcounties that volunteers shall be working with. The Subcounty has 55 villages however, smaller roads from the main roads may be hard to use during the rain season.

 We are looking for volunteers that can work with local people on projects that conserve the environment, improve food security, enhance local people's incomes and bring about lasting impact in the lives of local people.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Godfrey Zaake
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

  • We have have improved food security in over 3500 farmer households, rehabilitated and reduced degradation in over 200 smallhoder farms. the project has also improved local peoples incomes through micro enterprises.
  • Provides clean and safe water for over 3000 people.
  • Provided over 48 families in off-grid communities with solar energy.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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