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Center for wildlife conservation through volunteering, internships and responsible tourism in Macas- Ecuador

Los Jaguares Rescue Center, is an organization for wildlife conservation and care of animals with history of threat, as extinction, poaching, domestication or illegal trade, through international volunteering, internships and responsible tourism in Macas- Ecuador.

Our initiative tries to create conscience in the community, trough environment education in public schools, production of native plants for reforestation, monitoring of activities in the Sangay National Park, and conservation tourism working with native people.

But our specific work is preserve the population of felines more of the Ecuadorian jaguar a critically endangered species in our country, by oil extraction, mining, deforestation, animal husbandry and hunt.

Each summer we receive volunteers of different parts of the world, being one of the most important part in this work, helping in activities such as; care and feeding of rescued wildlife, production of native plants, support in education programs, visit native communities and more.

In this time of the planet we believe in make a real change for the planet, we are not a big rescue center, but we are in the correct place for work for the biodiversity.

The main focus of the project is on
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Agustin Paredes
Agustin Paredes
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Social Impact

Our social impact is especially in the location, Macas is the capital of Morona Santiago Province which is one of the most affected territories by mining, deforestation, animal husbandry, extensive agriculture and animal poaching in Ecuador. Pushing at indigenous communities outside of his ancestral territories, and at the local population work in less sustainable activities.

That is why our program expect help at this population giving him an opportunity to work in more sustainable activities as ecotourism, production of native plants, and bring at the volunteer an real experience of volunteering in a unique in the ecuadorian jungle place which really need of his help.


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