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Feed animals, clean cages, build new enclosures, and so on. You can help us out in our sanctuary in Hungary!

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Repzootic Animal Center is a non profit organisation that houses a lot of exotic animals in Hungary to educate people about them.

Repzootic Animal Center is a  non profit organisation to educate people about wildlife and about owning an (exotic) pet. Repzootic is an official zoo and sanctuary located in Erdősmecske, Hungary.

Nature, nature and more nature in the amazing country named Hungary where Repzootic is located. At a 30 min drive of Pécs, in the South of Hungary, you can find a small but very pretty village names Erdősmecske. Surrounded by forrest you can find a lot of endemic species out there like deer, foxes and jackals.

Our animals
In Repzootic we house a lot of exotic animals. You can think about foxes, wolfdogs, porcupines, sugar gliders, servals, coatis, a lot of reptiles, fishes, birds,...
All these animals are born in captivity and most of them are saved from people who didn't know how to care for them. We take in all these refugees and try to give them a good and last home.

Our goal
At Repzootic we want to show people the beauty of misunderstood animals and we want to educate them to be good owners of (exotic) pets.
We don't want to show people lions, tigers and elephants, but let them meet unknown animals like martens, foxes and more.

Staying at Repzootic
At the site of the center, you can find our nice Hungarian guest house with a kitchen, bathroom, living room and shared bedrooms.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Sharon Oplinus
Sharon Oplinus
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Social Impact

We want to show people that every single animal has it own special adaptions to survive in our world. That no animal is dangerous for us or mean to us.

We educate people about being responsible for the (exotic) pets they buy, about their needs and costs.
We help animals that can't stay at their location anymore becouse various reasons.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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