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We support genuine projects and NGOs working for sustainable change in community and society. Our social project is to support underprivileged families and children.
We believe in Edward Everett Hale Quote" Comming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success'',  Hence, we decided to come together and work together for making world better place for all beings. As a team, we are a group of social workers, students, ...

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We believe in Edward Everett Hale Quote" Comming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success'',  Hence, we decided to come together and work together for making world better place for all beings. As a team, we are a group of social workers, students, volunteers, tour guides who are committed to making a change in the lives of people living in vulnerable circumstances. We only support genuine projects and support local families and NGOs to work for sustainable change in community and society. We are highlight projects working sincerely to make difference in other lives and who are not getting enough resources and recognition. 
Our Team - 
As a team, we are a group of social workers, students, volunteers, tour guides who are committed to providing affordable, safe and responsible volunteer and travelling services to our national and international volunteers.
  • Ms Bhawna is the founder of Sadreshya Consultant Private Limited. From last 10 years, she is running volunteer project through Jan Parivertan Sanstha and work as a host family for volunteers. With the motivation and appreciation of volunteers, she founded the company to support volunteers in getting affordable and best volunteer project and travelling services.
  • Mr C.B Dutta is CEO of Sadreshya Consultant Private Limited. He has more than 25 years of experience in implementing Education, Health, Nutrition, Life Skills, Community mobilization and Rural Development projects. He is working in Bharatpur Rajasthan and has vast experience in running and hosting volunteer projects.
  • Ms Manju is the manager for a volunteer project in Bharatpur Rajasthan. She is a social worker and having vast experience in this field. Her experience and expertise are helpful in giving the best possible experience to our volunteers.
  • Nonihal Dhillon is a Project Manager for NCR Delhi. From last five years, he is closely associated with volunteer projects of Jan Parivertan Sanstha in NCR Delhi. He works closely with local team members for providing the best possible facilities for volunteers.
  • Cecilie Tøgard,  is from Norway.  She volunteers in one of our teaching projects. This experience has made a huge impact on her and motivated her to support us as an active advisor.
  • Frédéric Splendore is a laborant in chemistry and works for BBraun Medical(International Company). He is 25 years old and lives in Switzerland. He worked as a volunteer in one of our projects and then joined us as an advisor.
  • Marion Echaubard , She is a local public servant in France. She loves music, movies, books and travelling. She believes in Mahatma Gandhi Quotation - "Be the change you want to see in the world."  That's what she is trying to do.
  • Manon BERTRAND is a French professional tour guide, working mostly in the historical monuments of the Loire Valley, France. She gives tours in French, English and Spanish, and meet everyday people from all over the world. She loves travelling, and after volunteering for three months in an orphanage in Cuzco, Peru, in 2012, She then decided to spend three months in India in 2013 and volunteered in our project in Faridabad, Haryana. She witnessed our sincere efforts of helping others and without asking for anything in exchange renewed her faith in the basic goodness of human nature. She decided to join us and started dealing with the coming volunteers, organize their stay and provide them with all the information regarding the school projects.
  • Valentina Yauri is from Peru. She is a computer science engineer. She loves travelling, singing, dancing and meeting new people from everywhere. She also volunteered in one of our projects. For her, it was a very rich experience from human and culture aspects.  She happily started supporting us and guiding us to ensure responsible and safe volunteer project for international volunteers.
Social Projects we support - 
  1. Daycare centres 
  2. Primary School/Education centres 
  3. Women empowerment program
  4. Women & Child health program
  5. Rural Development Programs 
Our Vision 
  • To reach the very poor child, adolescent girls and women in the state who are suffering from various health, socio and economic problems and enable them to attain a better life.  
Our Mission 
  • Sadreshya is an institution works towards the holistic development of the poor community by improving their health, social and economic status through community participation, advocacy, capacity building, life skills development, advocacy and networking. 
Working area -
  • Bharatpur, Rajasthan (India)
  • Faridabad, Haryana (India) 

Contact Person

Chandra Bhushan Dutta

Spoken languages: English, Hindi

Sadreshya CPL reviews

Shelly Dutta rating5.0

2019 at Daycare Center Assistant

Very nice work. Children are wonderful. Teaching them was great experience for me. It was great experience. The staff was very helpful. Children are so sweet and energetic. It was wonderful experience to spend time with them. Teaching them was great. Will like to visit again as a get ...
Maude Dumont rating4.8

2019 at Education for under-priviledged

very rewarding and memorable experience. I loved spend time with these lovely children. thanks to this mission I could descover a lot of incredible places and persons. My host family was very good and these persons were allowed me to visit this country safely and live unforgettable moments. I ...
Purnima Seiboth rating5.0

2019 at Education for under-priviledged

My experience volunteering in India was absolutely amazing. I really loved seeing how children are taught in a different country. It was really wonderful to teach the children basic English, Mathematics and drawing skills. It was really great to see children of all ages being very engaged and ...
Katherina Lawson rating5.0

2019 at Education for under-priviledged

I’ve been going to Faridabad since 2013. My first time there my heart was deeply touched by the kids, the school and Bhawna’s big heart. She told me the story of how she started the school, without nothing just because she has a dream of all kids being happy and having a future. Since then ...
Pallavi Naudiyal rating4.6

2018 at Education for under-priviledged

I had a very memorable experience as it was a great opportunity to work and spend time with the children. The organization is doing a great work for the betterment of poor children. Mrs. Bhawna and Jawahar Dhillon were great host. The children were also so attached to them. I would surely ...
Jyotsna Dhillon rating5.0

2018 at Education for under-priviledged

My experience of volunteering with Sadreshya was great. The work which they are doing for these children are commendable. The children are lovely and are very excited to learn. The host family took great care of me and the food was awesome. I will recommend to come here and help these ...

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