Communication & Fundraising Animal saver Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
Takes part into rescues, in different parts of the town and of the island, is available on emergencies, is never tired, knows how to keep calm in stressful situations
Dog walker Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
Most basic tasks (cleaning, feeding) are performed by local paid staff - we have 16 local employees. But, we always need help with delicate tasks such as cuddling.
Videomaker/Photographer/Graphic designer/ Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
We always need to document our work, to make it more visible, to find the right image to convey the importance of what we do to prospect donors, supporters and volunteers
Veterinary nurse Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
A nurse can help at our clinic by taking care of ill animals, administering therapies, monitoring the operated animals. And she can also carry out deworming campaigns.
Hostel helper Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
30% of our work is financed with the funds raised with our hostel. We always need help with the guests, little maintenance work, advertising, reservations, and events!
Communication & Fundraising Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
30% of our work is financed by private donations. So we need to keep our Internet pages up to date, manage our donors' database and create fundraising campaigns.
Maintenance and decoration Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
We always need help for maintenance and decoration at our sites: dog shelter, clinic, cat shelter, volunteers' rooms, office and hostel.
Veterinary Doctor Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
The veterinarian will treat sick animals and, preferably, will also do surgeries and castrations.
Educating Children about Animal Care Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
Help make children aware of animal care!
Internship for Newly Graduated Veterinary Doctors Mindelo, Cape Verde Simabo
Veterinary internships offer opportunities to deepen and enrich your veterinary education with hands-on experience.

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Project Details

SIMABO protects, rescues, assists, and spays/neuters dogs and cats in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

SI MA BO in Creole means “like you”. 

We are an association for the protection of animals and the environment based in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde, West Africa. Cape Verde has been a Portuguese colony until 1975 and has still a very "European vibe". No vaccinations are required or recommended.The local population is peaceful and more interested in parties and music than in politics or world finance. Mindelo is famous for its music and dancing nights and for being the birth place of Cesaria Evora, the most famous Capeverdean singer. 

SIMABO is a registered charity both in Cape Verde and in Italy. Article 3 of our Bylaws states out mission as following: "The purpose of the Association is to improve the living conditions of the population of the islands of Cape Verde.  In particular, by reducing the risk of transmission of parasitic diseases by cutting down the number of stray animals through spaying/neutering campaigns, also by involving the population in  activities of prophylactic antiparasitic care and by treating animals carrying diseases. The Association also aims at raising funds to be used for carrying out its activities in the Cape Verde islands."

Our work with animals - including running a shelter with 110 dogs, a cattery with 18 cats, a 7/12 clinic, and ambulant castration campaigns - is partially financed by the Simabo's Backpackers' Hostel, a hostel for responsible tourists, which in the meantime has become the most famous tourist facility on the island. 
We have treated and microchipped more than 12,000 animals so far and we are planning to expand the spaying/neutering campaigns to neighboring islands as well. 

SIMABO Cape Verde is managed by a board of 11 directors (1 Italian, 1 Brazilian, 1 Russian and 8 Cape-Verdeans) and employs 12 local workers: 1 veterinarian, 1 nurse, 1 receptionist, 1 driver, 4 dog carers, 3 cleaning staff, 1 night watch + 1 administrator from abroad (Portugal), and relies on the help of 2 full-time volunteers + an average of part-time 10 volunteers on the field and abroad.

The help we need varies depending on your skills. We expect someone who is a self-starter and can work independently with a very high degree of motivation. The focus must be to help the project, with the necessary amount of rest and freetime, to recover from the hard work and to visit the island of Sao Vicente and the neighboring island of Santo Antao, which can be done easily in the free time provided but the working schedule.

Volunteering with SIMABO offers the opportunity to make a great experience abroad in a protected environment, where volunteers can meet other volunteers or hostel guests from all over the world. The relationship with the animals can be extremely rewarding form the emotional point of view, being Capeverdean dogs very tame and social. Volunteers are completely immersed in the local environment, working with local staff and being required to shop and cook their own food. For volunteers that don't want to cook by themselves a wide choice of different options is available to eat at local restaurants and bars for a little price.  

Confirmed volunteers will receive a link to our portal with all the information required for their travel, their stay and the work with us in the different areas: Dog shelter, Cat shelter, Clinic, Hostel, Communication and Fundraising, Education, Maintenance. Feel free to choose the area the best suites you to make the difference for the animals on this beautiful island! 

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Silvia Punzo
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

The project impact socially from different points of view:

- provides an option to treat of their pets for poor families who couldn't afford a  private vet
- help to control zoonoses, that is illnesses transmitted by animals to humans
- helps to control the canine and feline population, thus reducing the number of strays

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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