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Help the local staff at the Baby Orphanage to feed, bath and change the Babies and give them a lot of extra attention and love!

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Pippi House is a safe home for Girls in Arusha, Tanzania. Currently 34 women and ten children live here, receive food, an education and other support.

Pippi House was founded it 2009 by the social worker Aristides Nshange who formerly worked for a street boys organization and saw the tremendous need of supporting girls and young women on the streets as well. He started with taking two girls into his home but soon the number grew and Pippi House grew to its current size of 34 girls and young women. 9 girls already have children on their own, often the results of being raped while living in the streets. Those ten younger children live at Pippi House together with their mothers.

Volunteers are needed in all fields of the organization. Especially in caring for the young children during mornings while their young mothers attend school. Volunteers can also support the girls with their homework, exam preparation and English lessons. Pippi House is, despite of the history of each girl, a happy place with lots of laughter.

The main focus of the project is on
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Kira Uher
Kira Uher
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Social Impact

Pippi House is one of very few currently operating safe homes for girls in the whole of Tanzania. The aim is to provide each girl with a quality education so that each of them can follow their dreams and learn a profession they are interested in. All girls and women are supported until they can make their own living.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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