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Come and grow your experience with animals on our vibrant eco-sanctuary, caring for baby goats to parrots to bearded dragons whilst learning how to live sustainably ♻️
Equine Eco-Sanctuary Supporter Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain Tenerife Horse Rescue
Learn more about equine welfare and force-free training. While working with rescue horses and living in a sustainable animal sanctuary! ♻️

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Project Details

We are a Non-profit Horse and Animal Rescue centre and eco-sanctuary in Tenerife. Committed to giving animals a voice and thriving as a sustainable community.

We are a couple with a dream to create a self sufficient horse and animal Eco-sanctuary, and we are now a registered charity on the beautiful Island of Tenerife.

We want to rehabilitate as many horses and animals as possible in a sustainable community centred around caring for those we rescue, and working together to live in a way that is good for the planet and allows everyone to thrive. Growing together as a "finca family" of like minded people with the same passion, we also rescue other animals (for example, but not limited to pigs, dogs, cats, tortoises, Guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, chickens, goats, turkeys and of course, donkeys and horses). 

We even rescue plants, as we have deals with local garden centres and super markets that give us their old plants on the verge of death that our gardener takes huge pleasure in bringing back to life, and re selling to our visitors for a bright new future!

We are passionate about sustainability as well, EVERYTHING is built from scrap and waste material, and clay. We eat beautifully  "freegan" as all of our food comes from supermarket and farm waste. We are also on solar and our water systems are all sustainable too, and all play their part in our circular economy to keep us going around the clock with no need for power lines and water pipes. We are also a zero waste community! All of our food waste becomes either food for the chickens, or for the compost team where we add the horse manure and in a few months we have beautiful compost ready to sell to the locals, to bring more money back to the animals! We're a sustainability power house :) We even use the horse manure to heat the water pipes for our showers, for constant completely self sufficient water heating systems! (None of it ends up in the actual water however!)

Our project is beautiful but hard work, as it takes a lot of passion and commitment to get the balance of working as a team to make it happen but enjoying the experience of back to basic living.

As we live in a community based on animal welfare and sustainable living, you must be passionate about this and happy to live in a sustainable way without luxuries. We are open for families and are not a party place. More suitable for people who love living back to basics, enjoying good conversation, food and relaxed way of life. You also must love animals as well, as there are many people here who bring their own dog, dinner times can be chaotic at best to those who are not animal lovers!! 

Due to the size of our project and the quick growth we have to be very organised (organised chaos we call it)  but what we love the most, is that every person who comes has something beautiful and unique to contribute to our project, and that stays around us in the the spirit of the sanctuary for ever. In the mean time, we are saving as many animals that need our help. But we hope that one day in the future, we will make long lasting and permanent change to the lives of all animals living in the Canary Islands, and even around the world.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Silvia Tenerife Horse Rescue
Silvia Tenerife Horse Rescue
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Social Impact

We have big plans for our social impact here on the Island. We are already involved in many community projects, such as outreach to local schools, being a registered food bank for under-privileged families on the Island, and speaking to veterinary clinics about taking in interns and students.

As we are in the process of expanding our sanctuary, our attention is turning to the creation of an education centre, veterinary clinics and more places where we can facilitate workshops. We want to provide a venue for visiting schools, clubs and societies interested in animal welfare and sustainability and continue to spread the message of how important these concepts are in our ever growing and changing world. 

Unfortunately, the laws concerning animal welfare are well in need of reform in Spain, and the challenge comes from changing the mindsets of the local communities; if the law does not back up a situation where an animal is in dire need of help, then it is difficult to make progress. 
Our focus will be on a slow and steady reach out of positive reinforcement, trying to encourage the locals here to WANT to change the laws themselves through education, and start to make changes from the ground up. 

In the short term, our impact is threefold;

One - Rescuing as many animals as we are able to do so, while ensuring that all have sufficient access to what they need to not only survive, but to thrive.

Two - Living in a way that is as sustainable as possible and true to our message, to save the planet and limit our impact to the best of our ability.

Three - Working and succeeding together as a community, appreciating each others uniqueness, respecting each other and working together in a way that puts our best interests at the forefront of everything we do; our commitment to the lives of the animals in our care.
Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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