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We believe every children in Uganda deserves a better life ranging from Education and welfare to Health and Parental Love.

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Project Details

The SunnySide Foundation is a charity Foundation with aims of helping the unprivileged children and youths in Wakiso District (Uganda).

THE SUNNYSIDE FOUNDATION began in April 2015 in a bid to intervene for the sexually abused youth, single teenage mothers and poverty-stricken families in Uganda. It was so clear that there was a gap to be bridged, and so by the end of 2016THE SUNNYSIDE FOUNDATION was established as a registered full-fledged non-profit association with registered NGO Bureau on Registration number 182938.

With the support from her founders and volunteers THE SUNNYSIDE FOUNDATION has for the last 3years, been able to support children in the various Districts of Uganda such as; Kampala, Wakiso, Luwero and Kamuli, to attain better and subsidized educational services. The Foundation has been able to establish education centres (schools) through which children from disadvantaged and vulnerable families access better nutrition, educational assistance, skills training, and other services tailored to their specific needs.

Today, THE SUNNYSIDE FOUNDATION programs promote long-term sustainable development and are designed to help break the vicious cycle of poverty – the first of the Millennium Development Goals. With Volunteer support, we provide communities with the information, opportunities and resources to allow children under our care grow in a healthy and productive manner

There is quite a big number of disadvantaged children in East Africa. Many children become orphans due to AIDS, separation of parents, family disintegration, and child neglect. Your involvement with our Foundation as a volunteer will help us give a quality and affordable childcare and education to the poor. Our charity organization is very effective in terms of providing help.  We believe that one of the most effective ways to eradicate poverty is through education and raising a new generation with integrity, free of corruption and illiteracy.

Currently The SunnySide Foundation is in the struggle of looking for volunteers to supply man-power at the Foundation.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Diana Ssentongo
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Social Impact

The Sunny Side Foundation is helping the Nation at-large through its projects such;

  • Every Child Education program basically for children ranging from 1 year to 14 years we help provide Education to the unprivileged children in Wakiso and the neighbouring districts of Uganda. In this project The Sunny Side Foundation has helped educate more about 42 children with full bursaries in 2017, about 69 in 2018, about 37 in 2019. The Sunny Side Foundation has not been in position to educate 90 children as the organization had place just because of the COVID-19 pandemic that greatly crippled the Organization's income flow.
  • Orphanage care program were we grant them a home-like environment, medication, parental love and care that brings to them a friendly and lovely upbringing. In The Sunny Side Foundation  the organization has about 30 total orphans under the full care of the Organization but because of the limited resources and space the organization a times place some of these children in the Organization's well-wishers after conducting proper survey about the family for adoption. 
  • Teacher Exchange program: In this program The Sunny Side Foundation exchanges about 10 teachers every year to its partner organization's school and in different countries to training and exposure so as to ensure professional and better services to be rendered to the Organization and it beneficiaries.
  • The Sunny Side Foundation found it necessary to train the children / Organization beneficiaries with hand on skills for survival and in this project the organization currently has about 15 youths under the organization's care ready in training.
The main social impact the Organization is hassling to put in place as creating a better and favourable environment for the youths and children in Uganda for their proper and productive upbringing.

In the due course of the struggle of empowering the vulnerable children and youth, The Sunny Side Foundation decided to set up a school and name it Sunny Side of Life from which they organization beneficiaries and educated from that include; Children and Youths.

Through the Sunny Side of Life, The SunnySide Foundation has educated over 30 children in various school currently at secondary section and has about 70 children at the Foundation school.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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